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Congratulations on working along Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Now

Please note I am not artist so if you see very poor sprites or animation, please forgive me. Only thing you have to understand is coding and rest is up to you.

Part 4 in this section we will be covering:

1. Implementing attack

2. Implementing a Knife attack

3. Adding our medical healing ability

Now for attacking enemy we need some weapons and ammo.

Create sprite name it spr_Knife

Set size about 16 x 10

Bullet Behaviour

Destroy outside layout

Create sprite 16 x 16 and leave it blank. Leave Animation to Default.

Add Animation and import Sword. Call this Animation ID_0

Now set Image point to Middle right

Please note this above sprite should be blank meaning fill it with ALPHA 0 and not 255. I did this way to show you this am weapon mask sprite. Animation is Default

ID_0 Set Image Point to Middle Right ID_1 set Image Point to Middle Left

Name this sprite spr_Weaponmask.

Now add behaviour Pinto and Sine

Set property of Sine to


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