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Also create Function “Bullet Timer”

That’s our function done if you RUN it should work fine if not please make sure you typed in code correctly. I have Included CAPX check it with that.

Now remember we created Sword, Knife, Health, No Ammo, Empty in part 3 well we have to implement that in our code. What No Ammo, Empty spr_Boxes does?

Please click on our spr_player and add another Instance variable Name it

Player_State and text NA (Not Attacking)

Now all you do is add 2 lines in our Knife Attack code should look like below

Now open your Hudbar Events and create Group name it Hudbar 2 and then add these lines below:

For test RUN change your num_Ammo to say 20 and test it out, see what is happening in Hudbar. It should bring E spr_Boxes.

Now before we go any further let’s add text box for our num_Ammo to say num_Ammo equal to Zero.

Create textbox name it txtAmmo.

Place this text box on HUD layer where middle spr_Boxes is


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