Player Login/Sign-in tutorial (using rexrainbow Parse plugin)

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Step 7. Write events


Change to <e_login> and add the following events:

Event#2 triggers when user presses <Sign up> button. Then we use [Auth]-><Create account> to create a game player account according to txtbox_name.Text, txtbox_passwd.Text, and txtbox_email.Text values. Later we will see these value uploaded to our Parse app.

Event#3 triggers when user successful signed up. This means the game player account is created so we login right after that.

Event#4 trigger when sign up fails. We make alert and print-out to show error message.

Event#6 trigger when user presses <Log in>. Then we use [Auth]<Login> to login game player account.

Event#7 triggers when login successful. We change to <Layout 1> in the event.

Step 8. Run and check


Change to <login> layout and push <F5> to start layout. Fill in your info and push <Sign up> to register. Your game player account will be created just a click away. And then your game will start and you'll be transferred to <Layout 1>.

Open another browser tab and connect to your Parse account. Select <Core> tab on top menu and <User> item on left menu. You can see your game player account is created.

Now change back to your game tab in browser. Push <F5> to refresh the login screen and fill some incorrect name and password. And then click <Login> button, you'll get a "Login failed" message.

OK, now our login screen and game player info backend database is complete. From now on you can use Auth.UserID to retrieve user ID (in this case: 8IiZ90vvVV), and use Auth.UserNAME to retrieve user name (in this case: abc).

Hope you'll like this tutorial. See you next time!



Download now 183.26 KB

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  • Its 2020 and I think Parse is no longer offering the functionality in this tutorial