Player Login/Sign-in tutorial (using rexrainbow Parse plugin)

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Step 5. Create your C2 login screen


Create a new project using <Template: Platformer>. Add one new layout and event sheet. Name them <login> and <e_login> respectively.

Open <login> layout and add the following object class:

And arrange <login> layout like this (see attached .capx):

Add a id instance variable to btn_blue. Set id = 0 for <Log in> button, and id = 1 for <Sign up> button.

Step 6. Fill your Parse app ID & JavaScript Key


This is the most important part. We have to provide our Parse app ID & Key to our C2 project, otherwise it can't access Parse services on our behalves.

Click the [Auth] object on project object list then see the parameters on left-hand side. Fill in corresponding App ID & JavaScript Key which we got from step#4.


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  • Its 2020 and I think Parse is no longer offering the functionality in this tutorial