Player Login/Sign-in tutorial (using rexrainbow Parse plugin)

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Do you want to know how to create a game player database without writing any PHP & MySQL code? Here is the fastest way to get it done! In tutorial we will use Parse Service to create our own game player database. And create a login screen rapidly!

Step 1. Basic knowledge


Parse© is an online backend app service which provides a shortcut for front-end web app developer to setup backend services. This is a very convenient way for web app developers to setup backend database without learning PHP & MySQL. In this tutorial we use Parse Core to setup a backend player info database which allows further login/sing-up operation.

Please install rexrainbow Parse - Authentication plugin first:

Step 2. Apply for Parse account


Before we can access all Parse services, we need to apply a Parse account. Connect to and click the <Sign up for free> button to fill sign-up application form.

If you have a Facebook account, you can click <Log in with Facebook> button to speed up sign-up process (Github and Google+ accounts are acceptable, too).

You will be redirected to Facebook website to enable Facebook authentication. In the popup dialog box, press <OK> to allow Parse to access your public info and Email from Facebook .

Step 3. Create a new Parse app


After you got your Parse account, you'll back to Parse website and prompt to add a your first Parse app. Basically, each one of your web app should corresponds to one Parse app. Please fill the name you like in the 1st textbox (in this case we name our Parse app "mySuperApp"). And then choose the correct company description in the 2nd item list (in this case we choose "Individual Developer"). Click <Start using Parse> when you finished.

Step 4. Get your app ID and JavaScript Key


After your Parse app is created, you'll be redirected to its page. Now we need to get its app ID and JavaScript Key for our Construct 2 project to access this Parse app. Click the <Settings> tag on top menu, and click the <Keys> on left side menu. You'll see all your application Keys. Write down or copy <Application ID> & <JavaScript Key> to a safe place.

OK, now we can use our Parse services in Construct 2.


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  • Its 2020 and I think Parse is no longer offering the functionality in this tutorial