New to Construct: where to start ?

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This tutorial hasn't been translated.


This tutorial is licensed under CC BY 4.0. Please refer to the license text if you wish to reuse, share or remix the content contained within this tutorial.

The more you will practice and learn through tutorials, the more it will come clearer to you how to actually make games, effects and whatever you are vizualising in Construct.

Finaly I'd like to add some

Posting tips

for the forum

+ Before posting

SEARCH and check the TUTORIALS before posting to make sure your answer isn't already there.

+ When you're looking for help

Always join a copy of the .cap (CC) or the .capx (save as single file in C2) of your project.

It is easier for those who help and might get you answers faster.

If you don't want your full project to be displayed publicly, make a new one reproducing the specificities of your question.

Be sure to host your files on DropBox which is the fastest/better filehost around.

+ Format to post links on the forum:

    [url=http://www.thelink.youwish]The text you wish[/url]

If you need to edit your links, beware. The forum automaticly transform url links to this format:

    [url=http://www.thelink.youwish" rel=nofollow"]The text|link you wish[/url]

Be sure to only modify the link itself and keep the quotes (").

In case of doubt, just erase the whole link from [url to and write it again.

+ To embed Youtube videos in the forum

You have to use the tags:


Consider this video :

To embed it in the forum you should write:


Use the value after "v=" in the url

Your journey starts now.

Have fun and enjoy creating with Construct.

Find this tutorial and far more on



+ 14th November 2011 :

Breaking the tutorial in multipages for a more separate CC/C2 introduction.

Adding links to plugins and behaviors in C2, the new export types (chrome webstore, mobile with phonegap), How do I FAQ.

Redaction of new paragraphe and adaptation of the old text to fit the new multipage presentation.

Some mistakes correction.

+ 19 November 2011 :

Adding the blog article about C2's architecture.

Also adding posting tips.

+ 06 December 2011 :

Adding the paragraph about online manual for C2.

+ 07 January 2012 :

Editing the paragraph about C2 manual. Manual complete, "best practices" added as a to-read article.

Editing the paragraph about C2 tutorials. Adding a link to newest tuts, adding a link to a tutorial about making a platformer type of game.

+ 04 April 2012 :

Editing the C2 paragraph about tutorials in C2, adding memory match game and how to make a platform game links.

+ 14 April 2012 :

Adding the Guide to C2's advanced features tutorial link

+ 30 May 2012 :

Added "Cloning the Classics" to C2's part.

+ 30 July 2012 :

Added "Asteroids clone in less than 100 events" tutorial link to C2's part

+ 12 September 2012 :

Edit on the first page in the differences between CC and C2 to notify the exporters C2 currently supports in a "Stable" way.

+ 15 January 2013 :

Adding some tutorials to C2 + format the page

+ 21 March 2016 :

Adding C2 Academy link

+ 12 July 2016:

Adding link to "Testing and publishing" manual article in the first page to determine the current state of exporters.


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