New to Construct: where to start ?

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2. Construct 2

If you are already knowlegeable in game making, in coding or that you already know you are aiming for web products C2 has already enough to propose and challenge you in thousands of positive ways.

The documentation on the site and the forum should help you getting used to it quickly and in a practical way.

The third party developer community has grown and some active developers already propose and maintain wonderful plugins and behaviors for C2.

+ For Construct 2, check the Beginner's guide to Construct 2 written by Ashley, the developer of Construct 2 himself. Seasoned developers shouldn't avoid the reading and following of this tutorial as it is really a good progressive and practical introduction to C2's way of developing.

You can also follow up with this video serie showing how to port the game 1945 in C2.

+ Scirra is providing an awesome progressive and complete online manual. Some articles like "how events work" and "Best Practices" are a must read.

The manual also provides a nice and clear outlook/explanation of the interface and the basics of C2 development.

+ More tutorials and articles have been written for C2 since the first version of this article. Be sure to check those out and come back regulary to see the newest tutorials provided by Scirra's team and the community.

List of interesting tutorials for beginners

+ Check "Building a platformer game - a beginner's guide", "How to make a platform game" and also "Making a memory match card games" which progressively show you how to do things in C2 and more from basic to advanced usage.

+ Be also sure to check the "Cloning the Classics" tutorials (pacman, breakout), very valuable tutorials/videos that take you through the full completion of a game in about one hour.

+ You can also want to read "Asteroids clone in less than 100 events a tutorial I wrote about making an "Asteroids" clone with the free version of C2, displaying most of the game system you generally want in a game (score, evolving wave, audio, ...)

+ You might also want to check these video tutorials I made : Make a classic Pong clone, Implement the Missile Command and Build a shoot-'em-up from scratch.

+ The guide to C2's advanced events features is also a read you'll need.

+ You also have a folder "examples" in the base folder of C2, covering quite a few basics (and a bit more advanced) areas of C2, its plugins/behaviors, ...

+ A list of practical questions and examples is maintained in the "How do I" section of the forum: How do I FAQ

+ For a better understanding and knowledge of C2 I strongly advise the reading of this Scirra's blog article. I also strongly advise the reading of all the articles and those to come on this blog. Directly written by Scirra's developers and always full of useful informations about C2, the site and its community.

+ Scirra now also proposes a video playlist on Youtube named "C2 Academy" which aims at presenting how to implement certain mechanics and do certain kind of games with Construct 2.

Be sure to check it out and possibly subscribe to their account to be notified when new videos are released.


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