New to Construct: where to start ?

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B - Beginner's tour for Construct

1. Construct Classic

Due to the history of the softwares, whatever your end choice will be, I'd suggest you to familiarize yourself with Construct-Classic. If you plan to release a game in three monthes you need the features now. With Construct-Classic you already have a lot of standard plugins at disposal and may even add some more found on the forum.

Moreover a lot of progressive tutorials have been made for Construct-Classic, and as stated above, the system is pretty much the same in C2. So anyway, what you learn on Construct-Classic will help you to work with C2 quite easily.

+ To start going through the documentation of CC I suggest you the the ghost shooter beginners tutorial for CC (hosted by zenox98).

+ You can also check the Ghost shooter movie tutorial (links to youtube videos).

It will give you the basics of CC in a practical way.

Open the .cap file in Construct-Classic and check the comments in the events sheet to see how the tutorial application and Construct are working.

! TIP ! Over the time, Construct-Classic has been documented in the Construct-Classic Wiki where you can find documentation for the plugins, the common ACE, as well as links to tutorials.

Some tutorials will be linked to the old Scirra's forum and the links might appear as dead. A simple trick will save the day though.

Click a link and in its url replace "" with "" and for all the forum link, you'll be taken to Scirra's old forum.

There you will be able to download the attached files.

+ Scirra released its new website around the release of the first versions of C2, moving its forum to a new forum software.

If you will, it's like the old forum was vinyle format, and the new forum is CD. Scirra moved the content of the "discs" (the topics and posts of the forum) but the "package" (attachments) was "lost" in the process. Aware of its value, Scirra let a read-only access to the old forum.

Here are others tutorials you might wanna follow and that will surely help you out.

- Tutorial: Platform school (Platformer)

- Advanced platformer example

- Vertical Shooter Tutorial Serie (Shoot them up)

- Tutorial: Mickey's Adventure (RPG)

- A basic Puzzle example (Puzzle game)

More global Jame's X up to date collection list of all useful tutorials for CC.

Check it out and you basicaly will have all the answers you might be looking for about game or specific makings.


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