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Wow you have done enough have some rest. Rest time is over now it's code time

Now for sprites front-face we will needs to add some INSTANCES VARIABLES. Click on add instance variable and add imageNumber as number and destroy as Boolean. And for the other sprite add just selected as Boolean. That’s our work for screen done. We needs to add code so open Event Editor and start writing. Your code will have Global and also Local variables too.

TIP: if you don’t know how to crate Local variables then create global first and then drag that under wherever you want as local variable. Bingo it will be done automatically.

Global Variables remember uppercase and lowercase

cardsDestroed = 0

secondCard = 0

firstCard = 0

cardsTapped = 0

Now we are ready to add more code Start of our game

Don't forget to add sound, music and modify the way you like

That is all. I have included CAPX too. I hope you like it. God Bless



Download now 1.43 MB

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