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With these we will create our animations by adding frames and calling animation with name like Untap0, Untap1, Untap2 etc

First create sprite apple or whatever you have chosen. Something like below

This is default animation. Don’t rename it like I did. In animation window add new animation and call it Untap0, with so we can create little animation and it will be used as instance variables too. Your animation should look like below.

And your Animations window looks like below

Make above animation 1st Frame width to 11, than 32, 57, 71, and 77. Do not alter height keep that at 102.

All the frames you done starting from

Untap0, Untap1, Untap2, Untap3, Untap4, Untap5, Untap6, Untap7, Untap8

Now create these frame again but in reverse order like below

All the frames you done starting from

tap0, tap1, tap2, tap3, tap4, tap5, tap6, tap7, tap8

Now create card back. Once is done now create Card-back which looks like this . For this will create same type of animations as above.


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