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Many of you asked time after time how you can make memory cards flipping game with Construct 2 Without adding third party plug-in.

Answer to that is yes Construct 2 can do it and so can you. With this tutorial I will show you how. I will not use any third party plug-in, only Construct 2. Let us start.

First create new project and call it whatever you wish.

1. Set windows size to 640 x 480

2. Set layout size to 640 x 480

3. Set background colour to your choice or add background image.

4. Now add 2 layers and named them Cards and HUD

5. Lets add sprites for cards and Card-Front, Card-back

Add mouse, and rest is whatever you wish.

When we finished adding everthing your screen should look like

For sprites you can use any long as you create them two’s. Example like my sprites is fruits. So I have 2 Banana, 2 Cherry etc.

For this tutorial you will need 1 sprite for front and 1 for back your sprite looks like this below.

Set size of sprite to 77 x 102


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  • Same here! Just the first sprite appears on second and third line. Any help?

  • Hola, me gustaría que expliquen este código que copio a continuación ya que estoy intentando hacer este juego de memoria y no lo puedo resolver.

    (((sprFaceup.ImagePointX("Origin") - 70) / 100) + (((sprFaceup.ImagePointY("Origin") - 150) / 125) * 6))

    Yo utilice otro formato de ficha por ende no se a q corresponden el 125 y el 6.


  • hello, thanks for the "memory card" tutorial, I'm having trouble creating a new level, when I create a new level the sprites don't change randomly, just take the first sprite, could you help me solve it? thank you very much and ten good day