Create Online Database with Google Spreadsheet

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An example of an app that implements Spreadsheet as Project Viewer data storage or this.

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  • Thanks but I cant find a CSV plugin in Construct 3. Any way to do this in C3?

  • Here is a tutorial on sending data from Construct 2/3 to Google Spreadsheet - link.

  • Using construct 2, I don't have CSV as an option for objects.... Do I need to download it as a plug-in and if so from where?

    Update: I got the one from Rex

  • Using the converted plugin for C3 it actually gives me the data offset on the x by one (+1) for each column . This is the same if call the column numerically or by name.

    SOLVED<< You MUST leave the top left (0,0) of your data table completely blank and this will fix the above issue!! Cheers

  • There's a way to save this info in the local phone?, as excel, word, pdf, or anything?

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