Create Online Database with Google Spreadsheet

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Starting from an inspiration to create a Project Viewer application by storing data on the existing MySQL database on the hosting, then find this way that is quite relevant and can be the best choice to store data of an application. The reason, Google Spreadsheet has a similar ability with MySQL database or the like. Only capitalize the knowledge of data processing and learn the use of MS. Excel, you can create a database using Google Spreadsheet.

Here are the steps.

1. Click this link Google Spreadsheet, then create a new Spreadsheet by pressing the red round button on the bottom right.

2. How to fill data that is, in part column A line to 1 is not loaded data or leave empty, in column B until so on is part of field and on line 2 to onwards is part record. For example, in field 1 (row 1 column B) fill in "Data1" and in rows 2 to 5 column A fill in the "Name", "Place", "Date", "Status" sequentially.

3. Once the data is filled in, click File> Publish to the web and select the .csv format and click publish. Save the link or just let it pop open.

4. Create a new project on construct 2 and add a new object to the layout ie Ajax, Csv and Text.

5. In the event sheet, add a new event or the first line of System > On start of layout and add the Ajax Request URL action. Fill in the URL previously created in step 3.

6. Next line or second line, add Ajax event > On any completed action and add CSV action > Load table


7. Still on the Second line (Ajax), add the Text action > Set text

    CSV.At(" Data1 "," Name ")


8. Display all contents of the record in the Data1 field by adding the Text action > Append text and fill it with "newline &",


Then add the Data1 field and the next record.

9. The contents of all rows.

10. Finish, you can try it now.




- Easier without learn database programming languages (SQL).

- Can be accessed online anywhere, be it a computer or smartphone (download the Google Spreadsheet app on playstore).

- No hosting rental fee required.

- No worry overload bandwidth or full server.

- Can create permissions for certain records, fields and sheets.

- Speed of data load faster than database on hosting.

- There is history data to restore data before or after change.


- Can not / have not found a way to CRUD (Create, Update, Delete) data directly on Construct 2 event. (you can learn CRUD with Google Spreadsheet API, it's very confusing for me)

- Until now not found, if any will be updated this tutorial.


Using Google Spreadsheets as data storage is more effective than a database on a hosting (SQL Database) is because Google Spreadsheet has the same functionality with capabilities that exceed SQL Database.


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