How do I pull data from online spreadsheet?

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  • Hi all! I apologize if this has been asked before and, if it has, I apologize for missing it in my search through the forums!

    I followed an AMAZING tutorial on how to save information from my game to Google Spreadsheets. Legit amazingly detailed, wonderful tutorial.

    But now, I want my game to look at that data in the spreadsheet and pull it back into a table of sorts in construct 3. I'm sure there's an easy step that I'm missing, but I've been banging my head against the wall on this for 3 days and my pregnancy brain is just done at this point, haha.

    Thank you in advance for any pointers you can give!

  • Here is a tutorial on reading the data back from Google Spreadsheet:

  • dop2000 thank you so much! I really appreciate you!

  • dop2000 it doesn't work for me. I followed all the steps. Can you help?

  • Press F12 in preview and see if there are any errors in the console log.

    Also try repeating all steps, every small detail in the tutorial is important.

  • dop2000 When I check in the preview, it says "'' has been blocked by CORS policy: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource"

    Any idea on how to fix this?

  • Try remote preview, or exporting and uploading your project. Also, search this forum - the CORS error is very common and there are many topics about how to fix it.

  • I had the same problem...

    Google has changed CORS Policy (due to security reasons) and you cannot open files using other programs, anymore.

    I found a solution for anyone who is interested in:

    The link we were using in order to open a csv file was something like this:

    In order to bypass cors policy and open your csv file, the link should be in this format:

    * You can find the sheet key by opening your sheet file in google drive

    ** SHEET_NAME, not your file's name

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  • Dramamini Brilliant! It works just as you said :D Thank you

  • I tried the new URL with an example and it worked fine. But when I add my own key for my sheet it's still showing CORS errors. Any idea why or how to fix this?

  • Maybe you are using the wrong key..

    As I wrote above, open your file from google drive and copy (only) the key from the link that appears in your browser.

    Do not use the key that is generated by "Publish to web" option.

    I tested it again and it's working for me.

    Also, have in mind that:

    1. The new link which bypasses cors policy, works either if you type (at the end of the link) "YourSheetName" or the default "Sheet1" name.

    2. If you are using a CSV to Array addon to load your data, (after a construct's update) only this addon is working:

    3. This addon is not working with worker mode.

    If you still have problem, when I find time I will make an example .c3p project file.

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