Basic Physics Game (Part 1)

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The first thing I want you to do, is start up a new blank project in Construct 2.

It'll pop up offering you some templates to start from, and they're all great. So when you get a chance, take some time to read through them, but for now, let's just click on the top one that's highlighted.

Note on the left, in the properties tab, we can see Window Size. It's currently set at 640,480. This means it's 640 pixels across and 480 pixels high. This is effectively your screen size, or resolution. For example, you want full HD? Try 1920,1080. Native retina iPad resolution? 2048,1536...

But for now, let's just stick to 640,480.

Next up, jump over to the right hand side, and look at the project list. Click on "Layout 1".

Take note that the options on the left have now changed. *NOTE - If you ever want to get back to the project settings, just click "New Project" at the top.

Go back over to the left, and look at the layout size. You know the window size from earlier? Try to take it literally. The layout size is the world outside, and the window size is what you're looking at it through. You can pretty much make the layout size whatever you want it to be. Construct 2 is very clever and will only render what's on screen. Don't go over the top though, it still needs to calculate things if you have a lot of movement, etc.

Again, for now, we don't want any scrolling around levels, so let's just set it to 640,480.

Great, that's the window size and layout size set up! Let's jump over to quickly setting up our level.


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