Basic Physics Game (Part 1)

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This tutorial hasn't been translated.


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I've classed this as beginner, but some may consider it as edging toward Intermediate. I've added steps throughout, so anybody should be able to follow it.

It doesn't require many events, and can create some pretty interesting effects.

Today, ladies and gents, we'll be making a very simple physics test. Future tutorials will allow us to create a tilt game.

These games were a lot of fun, and I've seen some examples of people making them on mobile devices, but to me, it never felt right. I always felt something of a fool sitting on the bus and spinning my phone around as though I was pretending to drive.

Anyway! I then came to the conclusion that I'd have more fun just playing with the gravity, but there's a little trick to it when it comes to physics.

This tutorial will show the workings leading up to the final game. I won't be building the entire thing, but will show you a way to get started. You may also notice a bit of repetition, when previous code is tweaked etc to get the feeling we want, but that's the best way of learning. Make mistakes, fix them, get better, become king of Construct 2.

Ready? Let's go!


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