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Construct 3 r234.3

Hotfix for further issues

09 February, 2021 ()
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We're aware of continuing problems accessing Google Drive in Construct. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and we're working with Google to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Updates are being posted in this forum thread. In the mean time you can continue to access your project files via the Google Drive web interface at In order to try to help mitigate the problem this release also adds a notification about the problem when you select the Google Drive cloud save service, including advising to use the Google Drive web interface. When the problem is resolved, we will release another update that removes this message.

Separately, this release also includes fixes for two issues that may have affected existing projects when exporting to iOS, or using SVG picture.

In case you missed it, you can view the original r234 release notes here.

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New Additions

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Google Drive outage notification prompt

Bug Fixes

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iOS exports not working if using both legacy file: protocol and module scripts
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Crash using 'Show collision polygons' with SVG Picture (regression r228)

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  • Bom dia.

    Como atualizar para R234.3?

  • Boa noite!

    Agradeço de verdade aos desenvolvedores da Construct 3. Estão fazendo o possível para resolver o problema, mas tenho certeza que o Google esta causando este problema. Sinceramente, esta plataforma foi a única que superou minhas espectativas, portanto, já uso ela a um bom tempo e não existe outra plataforma mais simplificada do que esta. Estão de parabéns!

    Espero que o erro seja resolvido, pra eu voltar a salvar com o Google Drive. ;) ;)

  • man, google tech support is horrible. thanks for working on that for all of us.

  • Yes, this tool is the divine pen of the creator programmer.

    Thanks to the developers, I fell in love with this tool.

  • Yeah your update has completely stop me from play testing my game I've been working on for several months now. Can you get a hotfix out ASAP as I've paid money for a service which I now cannot use.

  • 😍😍😍