Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r209

Mobile updates, bug fixes

28 July, 2020 ()

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This release makes some adjustments for mobile publishing. Firstly the Android target API level has been updated to meet the new Play Store requirement. Secondly splash screens should now consistently show on both iOS and Android. The splash screen timing has been adjusted too, so it only hides the splash when either your own custom loader, or the first layout, is ready. This should avoid any intermediate blank screen between the splash and something else showing. Note this also means now if you use the loader style 'none', the splash screen will be left showing until loading finishes, instead of showing a blank screen. On the other hand if you do use a loader style or a custom loader layout, it will hide the splash as soon as that appears.

As ever there's a batch of bug fixes and other improvements. We're hoping to make a stable release in the next week or so, assuming there are no further serious unexpected problems. So stay tuned and happy testing!

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New Additions

9 favourites
Infinite Jumping template: add screen wake lock to stop screen turning off on mobile


11 favourites
Android export: update target API level to 29 (Android 10)
14 favourites
Mobile: adjust splash screen timing to show it until custom loader or first layout is ready
6 favourites
Properties Bar: increase fractional numbers rounding from 3 to 6 decimal places

Bug Fixes

10 favourites
Ensure storyboard splash screen shows on Android devices
10 favourites
Event sheet view: drag/drop could stop working after undocking a different tab
7 favourites
Event sheet view: 'Enter' keyboard shortcut did not edit built-in functions
8 favourites
Text/SpriteFont: in some cases could incorrectly match BBcode tags when using escape sequences
9 favourites
Possible crash after undoing reordering effects
12 favourites
Export with advanced minify didn't work in NW.js
11 favourites
Animations editor: change "mirror vertically" and "mirror horizontally" tooltips to "mirror" and "flip" respectively
8 favourites
Tilemap brush editor: incorrect display of tiles in a template when using sizes different to the default
7 favourites
Tilemaps: incorrect undoing of auto tiling tool alternate eraser mode
9 favourites
Animations editor: crash attempting to move collision polygon vertexes with arrow keys after selecting them all with the context menu option
8 favourites
Tilemap editor: keyboard shortcuts not working before clicking on the layout view
7 favourites
Date plugin: runtime crash using the ChangeDay and ChangeUTCDay expressions

Performance Improvements

15 favourites
Animations editor: improve editor responsiveness when selecting a large amount of frames at the same time

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  • I luvv it 💕👌

  • Was about to report the tilemap shortcuts issue, so thank you for the update, Scirra! Really important fixes there. 😊✨

  • It's perfect, great job

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  • I like good updade there are good fixes

  • If I use advanced minify, the android app takes much longer time for the app to finish installing... I also freezes on the loading bar loader...

    I also don't understand the "storyboard splash", do I really need to use it? Doesn't matter the size of the image I choose, there's always a lot of "color background" behind it... Cant I use a "full screen-sized" image? I used to have the loading bar and then go to the first layout... Now (using simple minify) it shows the storyboard splash, loading bar (which is always either empty or full bar, without any hint of actually loading), then a BLANK BLACK SCREEN for 4 to 5 seconds, and the loading layout I created... Too much stuff...

    I just want to use this release to increase the API level, as now required by Play Store... But I cant release this... Please hurry the stable version?

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      • Ashley
      • Construct Team Founder
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      Minifying should not affect the app loading time significantly. Other users have indicated the splash screen is working correctly for them on both iOS and Android now, and my own tests on a couple of devices have shown it working correctly too. It's difficult to help without more information - maybe post to the forum with a sample project, or file an issue following all the guidelines.

      • The loading time is not affected, the problem is when using advanced minify, the app doesn't pass the loading bar. The loading bar doesnt help the user to know if its loading or not, its always either empty or full... The time to complete installing the apk is what I noticed took much longer. I will try to export not using any minify at all.

        What about the story board splash? Cant I set up a full size image? I did that but then the image is downsized and what is mostly shown is the BG color we can choose.

        Also, I still get a blank screen between loading bar and first layout... And the time stuck there increased.

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  • what about the screen sizes, how to make the game support all the screen sizes, rather than the 16:9 aspect ratio! it's not beautiful.

  • I cant export android properly in this beta... and i cant open the project in stable version... what to do?

  • What is infinite jumping template ? I didn't find it

  • The splash screen still not showing up