Open a project saved with a newer version in an older version of C3



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Sometimes it can happen that you save a project in a new version/beta release but have to go back to an old C3 version for whatever reason. Obviously you were smart enough to not have any backups (wink wink) and now you are stuck. Do not worry, you can still go back. There is a requirement though:

Other than that, you´ll need a text editor, any will do (I like notepad++)

  1. Download a copy of your project. If you use folder projects (desktop version) you can skip to step 3. But I recommend using a backup in any case!
  2. Unzip the .c3p file. You can use 7zip for this, or rename the file to .zip. You may have to show file extensions for this.
  3. Once unzipped, you wanna look for the project.c3proj file. Open it in the text editor of your choosing.
  4. And there, right at the top, you see the important thing: savedWithRelease. Change the number to the release you want. 14500 = r145, 14220 = r142.2
  5. Save it, close it and zip the project again. Drag & Drop the .zip into construct and it should open just fine in the older version.

If there is an error, you may have either forgot to remove a feature not available in the older version, or you corrupted the file. (e.g. accidentally deleted a comma)


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