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  • The loading time is not affected, the problem is when using advanced minify, the app doesn't pass the loading bar. The loading bar doesnt help the user to know if its loading or not, its always either empty or full... The time to complete installing the apk is what I noticed took much longer. I will try to export not using any minify at all.

    What about the story board splash? Cant I set up a full size image? I did that but then the image is downsized and what is mostly shown is the BG color we can choose.

    Also, I still get a blank screen between loading bar and first layout... And the time stuck there increased.

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      I've run a number of tests and I've never observed the things you're describing. Please file issues following all the guidelines if you think there is a problem with Construct - we need all that information to be able to help.

      • Sorry to be a pain... If I use advanced minify script, the app freezes on the loading bar... If simple minify, takes longer to load, and if I don't minify at all, things seem to run ok (but I still get a black screen for a couple of seconds between loading and first layout. I dont think this is reportable by the standard protocol... Maybe I could record a video... Cause you wont be able to reproduce, just like that "editor frozen on chrome" bug. So maybe wait to see if someone get that issue.

        I fixed the appearance of the storyboard loader, my mistake. Not used to it and maybe not necessary for me. If I could have the storyboard layout with a functioning loading bar, that would be nicer.

        Well it will be nice to have the next stable released when it's ready. Cheers.