Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r200

Share project with admin; new settings; scripting additions

18 May, 2020 ()

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We're proud to have reached our 200th release of Construct 3! We've kept up our regular release schedule for a long time, and this is a nice milestone to reach to illustrate all the hard work we've done bringing you new features and making Construct 3 better, pretty much every week.

The main new feature this week is mainly aimed at use in education. There's now an option to share your project with the subscription administrator. For example if a teacher is managing the subscription for a whole classroom of students, all those students can now click Share with admin in the Project menu. This will upload their project file to the teacher's account, making it easy for them to access student's work.

There's also several new settings available in the Settings dialog. These cover defaults for project settings and animation speed, an accessibility option for zooming with the mouse wheel only, and a new option to save backups to a local folder when local file & folder saves are supported.

Other improvements include more options for the Timeline Bar, updates for scripting including new events and accessing layer/layout effects, and as ever some bug fixes. Here's to another 100 releases!

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New Features

14 favourites
Share project with subscription administrator

New Additions

11 favourites
Timeline bar: toggle to turn on and off the path UI in the layout view for each instance in a timeline
10 favourites
Timeline bar: view only specific sections of an instance's path in the layout view by selecting the appropiate keyframes in the timeline bar
17 favourites
Setting to choose a local folder as the backup location when local file & folder saves are enabled (requires Chrome 83+)
22 favourites
Settings for default project author, email & website
23 favourites
Setting for default animation speed
18 favourites
Setting for zooming with mouse wheel only

Bug Fixes

6 favourites
Timeline bar: crash deleting timelines (regression r197.2)
6 favourites
Context menus: sub menus hiding in unexpected situations
7 favourites
Editor could crash opening an invalid project

Scripting updates

9 favourites
Update editor JavaScript parser with partial ES2020 support (including nullish coalescing operator)
11 favourites
Add instance "destroy" event
9 favourites
Add object class and runtime "instancecreate" and "instancedestroy" events
9 favourites
Added ILayout and ILayer 'effects' array (for controlling effects similar to instances)

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