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Multi-platform Export

Using the power of modern web technology, publish your game on a wide range of platforms. Create games for HTML5, Steam, iOS, Android, Windows, Windows UWP, XBox, Facebook, Mac, Linux and more!

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Build Mobile Apps

Let us do the heavy lifting for you. We provide a build service that can compile your game in to an Android or iOS app.

Read more about Construct's build services

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Multiple Screen Sizes

Easily scale your game from mobile phones to TVs using a range of scaling modes like letterbox scale.

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Offline Support

Like the editor itself, your games happily continue to work even when the player is offline. Combined with web app support, which lets players easily add your game to their desktop or home screen on mobile as if it were an app, this lets your games work convincingly like an installed app right from the browser.

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When exporting your project, Construct applies a range of optimisations to help ensure your published game works efficiently. This includes image deduplication, recompression and script minification.