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Arrange your graphics on to different layers to help organise the appearance. These layers can also scroll at different rates, creating beautiful parallax effects.

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Special Effects

Use the incredible technology in GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) in today's devices to make your games look stunning. Construct has 80 effects ranging from warps and distortion to subtle color blending effects to make your graphics shine. You can even apply these effects to entire layers for advanced effects like lighting.

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Use hundreds of tiny, individually-controlled images to create impressive sprays or explosions with Construct's particle effects, all carefully optimised to run at maximum performance.

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Cast ominous shadows with advanced lighting effects. Simply define where the light is and add behaviors to objects that cast shadows. You can even preview the result directly in the editor. Alternatively use a range of blend modes, effects and layer compositing features to create other kinds of lighting styles.

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Use an almost unlimited supply of web fonts directly in your game, which scale to any size or resolution screen. Alternatively use Spritefonts for hand-drawn multicolor text styles that perfectly suit your game's artwork.

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Advanced Spritesheeting

To ensure maximum performance, minimum memory usage, and ideal visual quality, Construct automatically arranges all your graphics in to spritesheets. You don't need to do a thing - it all happens automatically right in the editor.