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The Construct Editor

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Multi Platform

You can use the Construct editor in Chrome on Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, and even Android and iOS. With such a wide range of supported devices, it hardly matters which kind of system you're using. Using Construct 3 is as easy as visiting a web page! After your first visit, it keeps working offline too - there's no need to stay online.

Even on the go, you can use Android and iOS devices to open and review your work wherever you are. You can even attach a mouse and keyboard to Android tablets and use them like a convertible laptop.

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Event Sheets

Events are the heart of Construct. It's an intuitive drag-and-drop alternative to programming. Events make it really easy to get started! You don't need any programming experience to use it, and with a broad range of features, it keeps experienced users engaged too.

Events are designed to be a visual and human-readable way to set up the logic for your games. There's no need to memorize complicated programming languages. Events help put your focus on what really matters: designing your game! An event consists of a list of conditions, and a list of actions to run. When all the conditions are met, the actions are run. It's as simple as that.

Events also help you to learn how to think in a logical way and understand real programming concepts, making it easier for you if you decide to learn a programming language later. For example Construct's events have equivalents to functions, loops and variables. We've carefully designed these aspects to be analogous to programming, while making them much more accessible to people without any programming experience.

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Layout View

The Layout View is where you design levels, menus and other screens in your game. It provides a wide range of tools to add, edit, move, stretch, rotate and arrange objects. It's a visual way to set up your game just how you want it.

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Multi Language

Construct 3 is available in a variety of languages, including French and Russian, helping you use the editor in your preferred language.

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Steamlined Interface

Construct is designed to be easy to use, with a simple but powerful interface. Designing a game can be as easy as arranging slides for a presentation. We've made the editor's appearance as simple as possible, with essential features always visible and minimal clutter. However you can simply right-click to access menus with comprehensive features. This strikes a clean balance between being beginner-friendly, and yet making a broad range of sophisticated features available.

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From Mobile to Multi Monitor

Construct scales all the way down to mobile phones, with the interface adapting to use alternative touch-friendly modes like swipe-in panes and fullscreen menus. It also scales all the way up to supporting multi-monitor desktop systems. So Construct will suit whichever kind of screens you have.

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Customisable Interface

The initial arrangement has properties for the selection on the left, and the project bar on the right. Want to arrange the interface another way? Nothing is fixed in place! You can drag and drop any window to anywhere else, and set things up just how you like. There's even options to change the icon colors to suit your taste.

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Construct doesn't pigeon hole you into one specific genre like some engines. Construct is capable of making any sort of 2D games: mobile games, platform games, puzzle games, RPG games, beat'em up games, multiplayer games, visual novels & story books, bullet hell games, shooting games, racing games, arcade games, strategy games, isometric games and much more!

Prototype Rapidly

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Behaviors are a way to instantly add features to your game. They include movements such as 8 directions, platform, bullet and car; advanced features like physics and pathfinding; and useful utilities like fade, flash, wrap, pin and drag & drop. Simply add the behavior to the object and it already works like you want it to.

All the behaviors are fully-customisable. They don't lock you in to specific game mechanics. But in many cases, they're just what you need. It helps speed up development and increase your productivity. In short, they're great time savers.

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Lots of games use tiles as an effective way to design levels. Construct has a built-in tilemap editor to let you easily design tile-based games. There's a full set of tools to help you import the images to use, draw and edit tiles, clear spaces, rotate and flip tiles, and set up collision areas.

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Integrated Data Editors

Some games like RPGs involve spreadsheet-like data tables or lookup tables. We've got this covered: you can directly add array and dictionary data structures to your game, and edit them right inside the editor. You can even edit text formats directly, such as for CSV or JSON files, or for listing sequences of dialog between characters. Then your game can load these files and use them to help direct gameplay.

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Form Controls

Need the player to enter some data like their name? Construct has a range of simple form controls to handle this for you. Take advantage of text inputs, buttons, dropdowns, lists, sliders, and even file pickers to add that extra bit of interactivity.


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Instant Preview

See the 'Play' button at the top? Just click that, and you're instantly playing your game. There's no need to lengthy compile steps or publishing just to test your game. You can also pick a layout to preview directly, so you can test later levels without a full play-through.

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Remote Preview

Want to try your game on a different device? Or even share it with anyone across the globe in an instant? Construct's unique Remote Preview feature gives you a URL directly to your game. Visit the link on any device, or share it with anyone else, and they'll start playing your game right away.

While you're sharing your game, you can even see performance information and a video stream of the player's activity. Sharing, collaborating and testing has never been easier.

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Live Preview

Sometimes you want to get an effect like a particle stream just right, without having to keep previewing to see your changes. Live Preview shows you the effect directly in the editor, with real-time feedback as you change settings. This makes it an awful lot easier to get the results you want.

Read more about Construct's live previewing

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Entering Expressions

Events often use calculations like Player.X for the player's X co-ordinate. As you enter these calculations in events, auto-complete lists all the available options. This saves you from having to remember everything, and makes it quicker and less error-prone to type expressions.

Some expressions use parameters, like round(n) which rounds the number n to the nearest whole number. To help you remember which expressions need extra values, a tip appears as you type this indicating what you need to put next. This also helps you quickly enter calculations without having to remember things or refer back to documentation.

Once you're done, Construct improves the readability of the expression with syntax highlighting. It also highlights any mistakes in read to make it easy to spot what needs correcting.

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Personalise Events

Change the text and background color of comments and event groups to whatever suits you. There's also a simple kind of BBCode you can use to format text, like using [b] and [/b] to mark a section bold.

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Event Search

Large projects often leave you wondering where things are. In Construct you can easily search for a term through all your events to find where it's used.

Searching for text isn't always perfect, so we also added a 'Find all references' feature. This lets you find a precise and comprehensive list of places an object, behavior or variable is used through the project. Reviewing your game - or someone else's - is a great deal quicker and easier this way.

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Cloud Save

Save to the cloud to make your work available anywhere. Use Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive directly in the editor to save and load your projects wherever you go. It also acts as a backup, keeping your work safe in case of disaster.

If you prefer to keep your work locally, you can still save and load from local files too, or directly in to the browser's storage. This also helps you keep working even while you're offline.

Read more about Construct's cloud saving capabilities

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Create composite objects by grouping several objects in to one. These can then be edited as if they were one object. They even act as if they are the same object in events.


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Arrange your graphics on to different layers to help organise the appearance. These layers can also scroll at different rates, creating beautiful parallax effects.

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Special Effects

Use the incredible technology in GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) in today's devices to make your games look stunning. Construct has 80 effects ranging from warps and distortion to subtle color blending effects to make your graphics shine. You can even apply these effects to entire layers for advanced effects like lighting.

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Use hundreds of tiny, individually-controlled images to create impressive sprays or explosions with Construct's particle effects, all carefully optimised to run at maximum performance.

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Cast ominous shadows with advanced lighting effects. Simply define where the light is and add behaviors to objects that cast shadows. You can even preview the result directly in the editor. Alternatively use a range of blend modes, effects and layer compositing features to create other kinds of lighting styles.

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Use an almost unlimited supply of web fonts directly in your game, which scale to any size or resolution screen. Alternatively use Spritefonts for hand-drawn multicolor text styles that perfectly suit your game's artwork.

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Advanced Spritesheeting

To ensure maximum performance, minimum memory usage, and ideal visual quality, Construct automatically arranges all your graphics in to spritesheets. You don't need to do a thing - it all happens automatically right in the editor.


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Desktop Input

Make use of any combination of mouse, keyboard or gamepad inputs to your games. That's right - you can plug in a gamepad and use it to control your game, even in a web browser!

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Mobile Input

Use multi-touch input for mobile touchscreens, including support for gestures like double-tap or tap-and-hold.

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Save Games

It's dead easy to add a save and load feature to your game. The built-in savegame system automatically saves the state of everything, and allows you to load it up again later on.

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Use video clips inside your games with a built-in video player. You can even apply visual effects to the video! The editor also provides a convenient video preview tool.

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Audio Effects

Apply a range of audio effects for extra immersion. Play sounds at a position to create an audio environment relative to the listener. Effects like filters, phasers and convolution can add a whole new dimension to the audio experience of your game. You can even schedule sample-accurate playback for timing-sensitive music games.

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With permission, acess the user's GPS position to make use of their real-world location within your game.

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Microphones and Camera

Get live microphone input and analyse the audio, or access a live video feed from any of the cameras on the user's device. Let the user control or influence your game in entirely new ways.

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Speech Recognition and Synthesis

Use speech recognition to listen to the player talking and get the text of what they've said. It goes the other way too: you can use text-to-speech to synthesise a voice reading back some text.


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Make real-time online multiplayer games using the Multiplayer object. It is designed for low-latency gameplay and easy hosting with peer-to-peer connections, with a free hosted signalling server to help your players find each other.

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Fetch and post data around the web with the AJAX object. This lets you integrate other existing web services with your game.

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Where Ajax just isn't fast enough, establish a WebSocket connection from within your game for a real-time full-duplex communication stream.

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Remote Resources

Providing the server provides permission, your game can load resources like images, video and files from other servers across the web.


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Multi-platform Export

Using the power of modern web technology, publish your game on a wide range of platforms. Create games for HTML5, Steam, iOS, Android, Windows, Windows UWP, XBox, Facebook, Mac, Linux and more!

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Build Mobile Apps

Let us do the heavy lifting for you. We provide a build service that can compile your game in to an Android or iOS app.

Read more about Construct's build services

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Multiple Screen Sizes

Easily scale your game from mobile phones to TVs using a range of scaling modes like letterbox scale.

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Offline Support

Like the editor itself, your games happily continue to work even when the player is offline. Combined with web app support, which lets players easily add your game to their desktop or home screen on mobile as if it were an app, this lets your games work convincingly like an installed app right from the browser.

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When exporting your project, Construct applies a range of optimisations to help ensure your published game works efficiently. This includes image deduplication, recompression and script minification.

Developer Tools

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Designed to be a more accessible equivalent to functions in programming languages, functions let you easily re-use sequences of events anywhere in your project. It helps events work in an organised way eliminating repetition. You can even pass function parameters and use recursive functions.

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Data Structures & Storage

Use 1D, 2D and 3D arrays, dictionaries, and XML files in your games. Send and receive data over the web with networking features, download it from the browser to the user's disk, or stash it right in the browser's storage.

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Debugger and Profiler

Use the built-in debugger to view the full state of the game in real-time. Then you can pause and run it step-by-step, helping diagnose any problems that come up during development. The Profiler is also built-in to the debugger, and lets you review detailed performance information about your game. Easily identify which events are consuming the most CPU time to direct your optimisation efforts.

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Addon SDK

Advanced users can write new plugins, behaviors and effects using Construct's addon SDK. Everyone benefits from the availability of these extra addons, which can help add extra features or solve specific problems.

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