A Construct 3 plugin to connect an LMS running Scorm 1.2 or Scorm 2004 and get/send statements.

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  • Please update this C2 plug in so it can works properly on C3. I can pay for the update if its not to expensive.

  • Hello. Doesnt work, tested on latest Construct 3. Please update the plugin.

    • Can you please tell us which part is not working? That plug in is exactly what i was looking for. But i need it to work.

      • The desired object doesnt show up in the "Insert New Object" window and also causes Construct 3 to crash while accessing "Help" on object and even running Tutorial project in some cases so no way to use it. The plugin works perfectly on Construct 2. Probably the plugin needs to be rewritten for C3 since it has been updated years ago and gives a functionality loss.