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C3 Scorm plug-in ported to C3 runtime with added C3 Preview mode support (no worker mode support)

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  • Hi. Would you be able to figure out why my platformer game is not recognizing the SCORM integration? I'm able to upload to without issues but it doesn't recognizing the pass/fail.

    I'm initializing the LMS when on start of layout. Then after they complete the 1st level, I set the lms value status and lms value score and lms commit. However, its not showing as pass/fail in cloud.scorm.

    • Perhaps issue with matching name of pass/fail condition between scorm and game? Check debug console for any errors.

      Also use the error condition and error expressions to detect and display an error.

  • It works! I didn't realize there was a documentation part that I needed to follow. Previously, it wasn't initializing the LMS but now it works. Thanks!

  • Hi. I successfully uploaded the SCORM package in but the sample project doesn't get past the start button since the LMS is not initializing.

    I have added the Trigger Once Initialize LMS as well but no luck.

    • Did you follow all the steps under #Notes on the documentation page? I found that I needed to change a few things with the output file from C3 before it worked.

  • Hi. I was able to follow the steps but I get an error when I load into to scorm cloud. Would u be able to assist?

  • Question on this particular step in the documentation.

    In the Retrieve values page instructions it says, "...we add sub events to check if the CMI "cmi.core.lesson_status" is "failed" or "passed". "

    I put System-->Compare two values--> but then I get stuck on what I'm supposed to enter. Do I just type in the text shown in the screenshot?

  • Hi. Can anyone tell me the steps to get this addon to work in a sample game that I made. I want to test it in SCORM CLOUD but have no idea how to implement it in Construct. I have installed the addon but don't know what to do. Thanks!

  • Any reason this example might not work with the latest version of Construct? When I preview the layout, it gets stuck loading. If I remove the SCORM Addon it launches.