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Turns any Sprite 512x256 into a 3D Textured Sphere, with rotation ability on XYZ.

Example Files

Uses the Glsl Sphere Effect over a physics sprite object to create a pool like ball



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  • for future downloaders this effect only worked to wrap images in a globe, to make it spin animate properly requires some modifications in the glsl code which i have no idea how to do ... also needs some 3d projection calculation to work properly...but for basic stuff should work... 8 ball pool spining effects is possible but with lots of workarrounds and faking the limitations it has... best use sprites instead for that purpose. (also not sure if even works anymore since C3 has been updated so many times since the last post of this effect port)

  • Pretty good, but there are bugs. When you stop the ball is painted in a solid color. I also noticed that it sometimes turns unnaturally sometimes too quickly speed, then too slowly speed. Could you implement a working billiard ball so that when the billiard ball rolls, its scroll speed to the rotation speed is taken into account and the picture correctly takes into account all speeds.?

    • the effect is using the old effect by chrisbrobs i just ported it, didn't made the plugin code itself.

      for the billiard balls i think i did the demo for that type of gameplay, but it has problems, mostly because of the way the texture is wrapped, the matrix of the texture is not perfectly wrapped for some reason, it cuts on top and bottom of ball, as i mentioned im working on another effect, that has most of this issues solved.

      to explain the usage better, is that you need to give flags for rotation 1 or -1 to spin then just give it speed to roll.

      param 0 is speed, 1 X roll flag meaning 1 for right -1 for left i think unless is the version where i reversed it and then is 1 for right and -1 for left.

      param 2 is y roll flag works similar to X roll flag,

      you can change the flags using the physics velocityX or velocityY in this formula

      object.velocityx / abs(object.velocityx)

      object.velocityy / abs(object.velocityy)

  • why does it clamp black into alpha by default?