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There is no documentation so far as i searched the forum, however based on my own experience i can explain the functionalities and parameters as follows:

"RotSpeed" controls the speed of spin a positive value spins to left a negative value spins the opposite direction.

"X Rotation": Enables, the rotation on X axis (this in Construct is the 3D relative X Spin from top view). value 1 goes left -1 goes right.

"Y Rotation": Enables, the rotation Y axis (this in Construct would be the 3D relative Z spin from top View). value 1 goes up -1 goes down.

"Z Rotation": Enables, the rotation on Z axis (this in Construct is the angle spin or 3D Y Spin from Top View). value 1 goes clockwise -1 anticlockwise.

A value of 0 means it doesn't spin on any of the parameters.

The image sprite must be 512x256 or a value of 512/2 u can go as low as 256x128. Other values lower than that might cause issues cause of the zoom level which in this version is not present as a customizable parameter.