Neon UI and Level Select Buttons!

A set of retro 16-Bit Neon UI elements to make your menus pop!

A set of retro 16-Bit Neon UI elements to make your menus pop!

Neon UI and Level Select Buttons!

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  • 1.0.0

    Released: 2 Mar, 2021

    The first release of the Neon UI!

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I was building a game that was very neon styled, and these where the retro 16-Bit Assets I created for the User interface of the games menus. I scraped the project in the end, and have no need for these assets. Hopefully you can use them.

They all have a small amount of grain and transparency around them to give them a super cool glow effect without having to take up more CPU or GPU time by adding an effect in post. This will greatly improve the draw time and lower lag, especially on mobile, witch is the platform I was using.

I put all of my UI in here, but I have a feeling that you won't use most of it. The real Value is in the level select buttons. I have a button for each number 1-24, and each number has a copy in red, green, and blue. They make up most of the assets, at took forever to make. But I also have a few other things you may use. A settings button, help button, play, back, cancel, restore purchases, game mode buttons with room for status text inside them, social media share, leaderboard(my fav), and some RPG text box tools (the bracket, and OR sign).

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