Sci-fi Lab Cyborg Platformer - Pixel Art

Platformer w/ 9 animations! Great addition to the Sci-fi Lab Tileset!

Platformer w/ 9 animations! Great addition to the Sci-fi Lab Tileset!

Sci-fi Lab Cyborg Platformer - Pixel Art

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  • 1.0.0

    Released: 8 Apr, 2021

    Initial release.

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Full of life platformer character with 9 animations in 32x32 size. Works great with the Sci-fi Lab Tileset and other art in the set.


Idle, Run, Jump, Double Jump, Light Attack, Heavy Attack, Wall Slide, Hurt, Death


I am a youtuber (FoozleCC), creator of games / tutorials, and actively building a collection of art / assets for creators to use royalty free in their games. If you would like to support me, please consider subscribing to my youtube channel (game dev focused) and or supporting me on patreon. This asset pack was commissioned and while I own the commercial rights to it, I love giving the artist credit and I hope it leads to more opportunities for them.

Asset Artist: aimen23b

Platform you can find artist on: Fiverr

Consider giving the artist additional opportunities if you enjoy or leave a comment / rating and it will be used to help decide on new art added to the collection.


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    8 Apr, 2021

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