Real Scrollbars

Scrollbars with FULL functionality and versatility, just like the ones you can find in AAA games!

Try in Arcade!

Scrollbars with FULL functionality and versatility, just like the ones you can find in AAA games!

Try in Arcade!
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    Royalty Free use in up to one commercial greater creative work.

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    Royalty Free use in unlimited commercial greater creative works.

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  • 1.1.0

    Released: 11 Mar, 2021

    Support for Mobile! (Touch Controls) & Text Corrections/Adjustments & Additional Keyboard Controls & Better Hitboxes.

  • 1.0.0

    Released: 5 Mar, 2021

    Launch Version!

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Ever bothered by the fact that there's absolutely no tutorials online about scrollbars for construct? Well, don't worry, because here you'll find how to create, how to use and how to implement them in any kind of UI! You can not only learn it for yourself from the templated, but also use its base to expand upon the UI and make it yours!

Not only that, but they're sprite-based, so you'll get 0 headaches from messing with Web components & ruining the layer ordering for your game!

  • Full fledged tutorial inside the project (both on the editor & runtime)
  • Clean & well optimized code, created by an long-time veteran of Construct.
  • Fully documented code, variables, objects & functions.
  • Clean & functional UI, showing every single one of its components & functionalities right at the gate!
  • Support for multiple kinds of inputs (mobile now included!), small QOL already built in and much more.
  • No third party plugins required, everything done in vanilla Construct 3.
  • Everything is scalable. You can resize and/or mess around with any of the UI components!

Any doubts and/or suggestions just hit me up (via patreon or my contact email) and I'll answer you as soon as I can!

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    Construct 3
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    11 Mar, 2021
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