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Hollaender Published on 12 Apr, 2020

Help! Our defenses have turned against us! The turrets and the flying saucers are no longer under our control. They have turned red and evil. We have only one experimental ship at our disposal.

It is your task to take control and rescue citizens from the planet and take them to safety.

Pickup citizens on the platforms. This opens up the portal of the planet. Exiting through the portal takes you to the next planet.

Your experimental ship uses quite a lot of energy - using your booster or firing your cannon. Pickup green E power-ups to refill some of the energy lost. When you rescue citizens at the platform they will also help you with energy. To aid your controls and conserve energy pickup yellow arrow power-ups to temporarily disable the gravity affecting you ship. For a temporary power-up to your gun, go for the orange bullet power-up's. This greatly increased your firing rate for a time.

Some areas are blocked by electric barriers. Find their matching keys to remove.


Have fun!

I'm hoping to find time to add more levels. Have fun and feel free to leave a comment or a suggestion.

Thomas :)


Rescue citizens from the platform and take them to the portal.

Control using arrow-keys and space (Should also work with controller).

Pickup powerups for energy, autofire and no gravity.


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