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Work in Progress

Robot 505 (DEMO)

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CF78 Published on 5 May, 2015

Robot 505 is a fast action single player retro platformer set in the near future. You play as a Robot named 505 that has turned on fellow robots and begins his quest to save what's left of mankind... Their brains.

** Updated 2/18/2022 - v0.2.7a - C2 to C3 migration and fixes**

** This game is a Work in Progress **

* I did notice an issue running at full screen on an i3 with integrated video.

* Final game platform targets : Windows, Mac, and Linux

It's 4 levels - Level 1 (+ Mini boss) Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 (+ Boss). At the end of main boss level - game will repeat and you will be on round 2 - 1st level. Difficulty ramps up each level along with un-lockable weapons.


J : or Joy A = Jump

N : or Joy X = Shoot

K : or Joy Y = Cycle Weapon

L : or Joy B = Next / Confirm - Drop Holo - Spawn

D : Right

A : Left

W : Look up / Elevator up

S : Look down / Elevator down

enter : start game on some browsers

Kill all of the enemies, collect level items, find exit

Version History

ID Date Size Engine Plays
2 18 Feb, 2022 at 22:16 23.13 MB Construct 3 17,922 Playing
1 5 May, 2015 at 22:57 22.79 MB Construct 2 85,958

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    • Tom
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    Beautiful artwork and a challenging game! Good job! Love the music as well.

  • Thank you Tom! :D

    The controls are confusing, krish Will be updating soon.

    Z keyboard or A Joy = Jump

    X keyboard or X Joy = Shoot

    V keyboard or Y Joy = Cycle Weapon

    C keyboard or B Joy = Next / Confirm / Drop Holo-spawn

    It's been brought up a lot burningcake I need to update to WASD - Thanks for playing and the feedback!

  • Wont work chrome either!

  • HOOOOOOOOOOOLY SHIT O________O Impressive!!

  • [quote=sirkame]HOOOOOOOOOOOLY SHIT O________O Impressive!![/quote]

    Thank you! :D

    [quote=Nixel] If you'd like to term this a "fast action" platformer, I think falling damage shouldn't be a thing at all - at least not to the point of being fatal![/quote]

    Thanks for playing & for feedback! Fall dmg (death) will likely be removed. It's not 'fitting' as well as intended and levels have changed a lot since I first began development. I Will have to put more thought into checkpoints and level progression (comes up a lot) - I may utilize the holo-spawns as checkpoints.

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