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Cops and Robbers 3

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Give me a Pixel Published on 29 Nov, 2019

Very fun two-player game. Player one (the cop) has to catch player two (the robber) before he gets away with the money. Start in your cars and crash them or ditch them. Also you can steal other cars.


You can find the controls in the 'options' section.

In the 'options' section, click on a key to select it. Then press a key to change that control to the key you pressed.


While in the robber's car, you can use smokescreen using the 'special' key.

Police cars have extra speed.

The robber must first collect the money which will activate the getaway zone.

The robber or his car must be ENTIRELY in the getaway zone for a full second to win.

The power ups are:

Speed: Make your player and/ or car faster, lasts for 25 seconds

Repair kit: While on foot, repair a crashed car, lasts until use

Road tacks: Press the 'special' key to lay tacks, if a car hits them they will crash, lasts until use

Shield: Makes your car invincible, lasts for 10 seconds

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