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Beardey Published on 7 Nov, 2021


You are a submersible skipper for Cyrotech inc. A few months ago, they discovered a network of undersea caverns filled with strange crystals. Soon, a research base was established, and the company began pushing deeper and deeper into the cavern. Cyrotech lost communication with the hab two days ago and has sent you to reestablish contact. The last report the base gave was: “Systems nominal. Large increase in wildlife aggression.” For this reason, you have been equipped with a torpedo to deal with some threats you may encounter. Good luck.


Controlling your sub:

- The sub will turn to follow your mouse.

- Hold LB to accelerate.


- Red counter, top right – the speed counter. How fast your sub is moving.

- Blue counter, top left – the depth counter. How far below the surface your sub is.

- Gauge and light, bottom left – hull integrity and damage warning. Your sub can take 4 hits max.

- Panel, bottom left. Torpedo light – if a torpedo is ready. Button /switches are for decoration.

- Bar, bottom left - Throttle gauge.


- MMB to fire a torpedo

What to do

- Glowing blue crystals have been set as a guide. Follow them and make contact with B3 hab.

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