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  • Nice, keep going. Maybe when there's 'blood in the water' and the eyes open you could add a crimson filter or vignette to darken the mood. Maybe tentacles slowly grow out of the eyes to make it harder to solve the level the longer you take.

    You help my braintrain! ^_^

  • Change the movement style: larp each segment of the snake so it will be smoother. Larp also snake's head by small factor when pressing LMB.

    You should use angle larp for all of those.

    Game is not really relaxing because you have to click too much .

    And i hi-scored. Got 100, didn't want more.

    Thnx, i'll def check out the lerp, smooth camera function, not seen that before now!!

    I will not be making changes to the basic mechanics of the snake tho, since he is supposed to be unpredictable, and confused.

    That will mostly just be an issue on the Walls level anyway, where his speed increases for every tadpole eaten.

    Congratts on your 100 score!

  • Continually updating the game while testing stuff.

    Added new level (Challenge), added health, temp monster, basic mechanics, etc.

    Very open to suggestions on progression.

    Challenge level currently:





    Monsters have hp.

    Snake has hp.


    • Biting monsters causes both monster and snake to lose hp.
    • Eating tadpoles increases snake hp..
    • Monsters can do damage no matter which bodypart on the snake it touches.
    • Snake can only do damage to the monster by biting it.

    When the snake has 80% or less hp, it starts to bleed and the monsters eyes open.

    Concidering making the monsters do less dmg to the snake when bitten while "Sleeping". (Snake on 90-100% hp.)

  • I like that idea for a new level, or series of levels, based on that! Thinking of simple ways to implement it. And how exactly to set it up.


    Maybe skip the growth, and go for (eat X number of tadpoles within set time on level to wake the door keeper. Door keeper awakes, slow bossish guy you don't want to collide with. Have to nibble bits off him, or some sort of buttons as you suggested.

    Thnx! You got the idea mill running again for me! 😄


    I keep running out of ideas for months and months..

    Constructive input [here] please!!

    My aim is for the game to be a chill "stressing down" game, with some optional, actual game elements. (Walls & Poison levels)

    (I know the zero is a bit off on the clock, but getting back in to how I set up that clock to begin with, is not a priority atm. )

  • *Bump*

  • Check origin under "request details", then add that address to the Client ID for web application

  • What have I completely missed?..

    I've set up a login screen, but in the android app when clicking the login button nothing happens at all, not even an error message (which I'd love to get).

    If I use the "Client ID for web application" and attempt to log in via browser, there is no problem.

    The tutorials seem to be outdated?

  • Solved it..

    keytool -genkeypair -validity 10000
    keytool -changealias -alias mykey   (changed to charlie)
    jarsigner -verbose c:/android/charlie/charlie.apk charlie
    zipalign -4 c:/android/charlie/charlie.apk c:/android/charlie/charlie_sa.apk[/code:1jsetd7g]
    And voila, it's all in order and should even be published shortly 
    Thnx anyway.
  • Posted this under the manual, but I don't know if anyone ever reads that unless they are also lost..

    Not sure this is the place to put it since it's sorta post production, but..

    I've been searching Google for a couple hours with no result.. It's as if jarsigner refuses to recognize the commands..

    I'll be completely unable to focus at work tomorrow unless I get this fixed....


    jarsigner -verbose -keystore c:/android/key/charlie.keystore -storepass password -keypass password c:/android/charlie/charlie.apk[/code:1jyfgecd]
    returns the jarsigner help menu... tried rearranging everything to no avail..
    I CAN use other commands in jarsigner, like checking if my apk is signed, which it ofc is not.. :/ Help please..
    The funny part is that i tried this with jdk7 a week ago, and then it was fine.
    But removed that and got 6 when I found this tutorial. Working with a new key and compile of my apk
    What am I doing wrong now?
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  • on overlapping with player

    Action: set speed to Object.bullet.speed+5

    This works absolutely perfectly

    This is the last piece in the puzzle and the game is almost done now

    Thank you!!! <3

  • I hope I'm just being stupid here..

    Got stuck on what i hope is a simple problem..

    What I want is:

    Player overlaps selected Sprite = Player speed (bullet) increases by 5 pixels.

    It should gain an other 5 pixels in speed on the next overlap, and so on.

    Currently the closest thing to this I can think up is to have a variable check on overlaps and set speeds to

      * variable=1"overlap"`=Player set bullet speed 100 * variable=2"overlap"`=Player set speed 105 * variable=3"overlap"`=Player set speed 110 * variable=3"overlap"`=Player set speed 115

    But there has to be a simpler way since we're talking a Whooooole lot of overlaps..

    Acceleration increases speed ofc, but it keeps accelerating after the overlap as well, which breaks things.

    Feel free to dummy it down a bit if you have an advanced answer.

    I have no idea what I'm doing usually.

    Your's truly, Miss Insomnia..

  • Ah, sweet! Thank you, Thank you! <3

  • Seems to work. How do i apply this to only happen to the tree in question? with partly overlapping trees, it became a bit odd

  • ... Trees.capx

    Worked out this method... But i have the strangest feeling that someone has probably thought up a much better method, not involving a million layers <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">