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  • I would just report the post (the warning triangle) and eventually it will be cleaned. They are human too.

  • newt


    It could be a simple game with leaderboard. To pass the registration and be able to post the user would have to get over certain score or level. It could be also a fun way to present C2 capabilities to a new user.

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  • Spam is coming. = =''

  • maybe we can use this topic for post the spamer and use the report option too.

  • another ones:



  • Honestly, I think it a post becomes flagged over X times by accounts with over 1K minimum reputation, it should become "hidden." Encourage users to help report, which they will. Anyone who's invested time enough to have a certain amount of reputation should be willing to help flag posts. I know I am!

  • Whole bunch of IPs definitely suggests a botnet. We are still getting hit periodically.

    This is kind of an interesting read (especially the part about Bayesian Poisoning): ... tempt.153/

    read the article , interesting thing, and "[quote:zpxvak9n]Bayesian poisoning is a technique used by spammers. Because modern day software that are powered by the Web 3.0 framework are increasingly smarter at blocking spam, spammers try to cause the spam filter to have a higher false positive rate by turning previously innocent words into known spammy words. "

    seems to be a web3.0 framework, problem, of all the websites and forums this days, maybe update the frame or downgrade it? .....will it even, solves the issue? just and idea...

  • What the hell are Scirra doing? I need some feedback and it's been buried under a mountain of spam !

  • Phaeton, we're doing our best to remove the spam as it shows up -- believe me, we don't like this anymore than you do.

  • hickaka


  • Would enabling some kaptcha before posting solve it (for a while)? until it settles down or resolved another way?

    I can't really get the point of the spams, they are not selling anything, there is no real links. It's in incomprehensible korean characters. It's not flooding the forums enough to make them go down. Why? for the love of god.... whyyyy would anyone make a bot like this? 21st century practical joke?

    Block any post on this forum containing korean characters?

  • Ashley Tom

    As you probably have already thought of ......

    would be to limit the number of tutorials any member can make to one a day,

    and don't let newbies post tutorials at all for the first 2 weeks.

    and do a similar thing thing with forum posts, ie: limit forum posts to 2 a day for newbies.

    that would at least limit the mop up after turds like this do stupid stuff.

    Anyway, good luck

    In the meantime I am turning off notifications ....

  • looks like Korean

  • We already have a captcha on the registration form. Spammers pay people to solve captchas to work around it.

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