"Visited .. days in a row" counter busted

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  • On the user profiles there is this counter that says how many days you were online consecutively (also badges depend on this).

    Since recently, the counter only goes up to 1 and then resets. I believe this behaviour started when we moved to the new database, up until then everything was fine.

    This is of course only mildly annoying and does not need immediate action.

  • I was wondering about this too. There was a site update about 20 days ago and my counter reset. This morning it reset again. In all, I've logged every day for about a month and a half (about 40 days), but the counter shows zero (0).

  • yeah I have the same problem and was going to create a thread about it, I think its also affecting the consecutive days posted as well

  • Eisenhans & Neller, did anyone get any feedback from Tom or Ashley regarding this issue?

  • frn2000 Not yet, but since it is documented now, I'm sure it will be fixed sooner or later. These guys are typically quite busy and there are issues that are a bit more pressing.

  • frn2000 nah not yet I would assume this would be pretty low on there list, I would rather keep seeing more cool features :p

  • Are you guys sure? I have 17 days in a row. Assuming the counter is set to register a day if a user is logged in during a specific period and not 24 hours from the last login, and if you're in a weird time-zone, where it registers this at, say, 4pm your time, it would be easy to log in at 3pm one day, and then 5pm the next, and you would essentially lose your consecutive days.

    Just sayin'. :) I have no idea what method they've used to count days, but theoretically this could happen.

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  • This came up in this thread recently. I have still been logging on and visiting every day since I made that thread but lost my streak multiple times The only things I can recall doing or suspect is Arcade or the new Shop, but I haven't been able to trigger it.

    I should have reported this sooner into this section of the forums

  • [quote:j8kjftcs]Are you guys sure? I have 17 days in a row.

    Trust me, I know how this works Before the change that introduced the error I was at 530.

  • [quote:3l3es720]Looks resolved to me.

    Nope, false positive, it's still there.

  • i got same troubles...i got the counter busted even if i daily login the Scirra site...maybe we should ask Ashley about that kind of trouble

  • As of right now, if you check Ashley's profile, you will see that he has "Visited" for 1 day, and also "Consec days posted" for 19 days. That is pure evidence

  • The first time it happened to me I thought it was caused by accidentally clicking on the logout link and then logging back in, but it just happened to me today for no apparent reason. I've posted each day in the last 5 days and yet I'm currently showing as visited 0 days in a row. Before I started posting I was just studying the manual and getting used to the software, I'm pretty sure I had daily activity since I joined (23 days ago now) but there's no way of evidencing that. The daily posts log certainly highlights the problem.

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