New forum look - not good :(

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  • Hello there,


    just feedback to a new forum look:

    • animated gif icons are constantly distracting from scanning the threads
    • typography is a disaster (the previous forum skin was a way better in this regard)
    • many unnecessary graphical elements (like colored bars in the forum posts)
    • not clean and feels unstructured

    previous skin was good enough

  • I personally love the new forum design and disagree completely with your second point "Typography is a disaster". The fonts are more consistent now compared to before. Also, the colored bars help separate the individual posts well.

  • Anything "new" takes getting used to.

    The new look (still under development) is pretty good and I have full faith in Tom with regards to what he wants the end product to be.

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  • This skin is far away better than the last one.

    Btw, there is already a topic about the new forums feedbacks.

  • Maybe the new forum look is not fully implemented (see the "user control panel" for example). Lists of topics are not very pleasant to read quickly because of colors choices and maybe titles and subtitles' font size. Titles aren't clearly visible enough.

  • Separation between forum posts should be achieved mostly by white space and typo. Colored bars in the thread posts, especially curved dark bar, is "fancy stuff", which takes extra processing power from brain each time you scan from top to bottom, eyes are getting tired from that. And new "typography" is a mess.

    Just take a look at the hacker news or redit - pure information processing, nothing distracts you.

  • Yep, I posted in the wrong place, this should go into "Website issues"

  • I agree, I liked the old one better. A few more problems with this one to add to Xoros's list:

    1. No quick reply box.

    2. (in firefox at least) Tab names don't show the name of the topic you are in anymore, instead they are all ""

    3. You can't use the Board index < Construct 2 General < etc.. buttons at the top, they are not clickable. Instead you have to scroll all the way down and use the "Return to..."

  • I quite like it, it is certainly a lot faster and no more time outs which is the most important thing. There are graphical bugs to fix for sure and Gravatars are not being displayed yet.

    Good work.

  • I like a lot this new forum look... and agree with mist

  • i prefer look and feel of old forum theme rather the new one

  • I've changed the blue colour to the same one as the old forum uses, much less garish.

    I'm sorry if you don't like the look, give it a bit of time. Unfortunately when we make design changes there will always be people who prefer or it who don't prefer it, hard to make everyone happy!

    The unquestionable fact though is it's a lot faster, has a lot more features and is far more reliable (no more session timeout errors for making posts etc)

  • Hey Blue is alright, but why not Green - like menu on top of the page to make all same consistent style? and you know... green is a peaceful color, might make some edgy people calm down ;P

  • question for 100 points: why the name of the threat must be visible over each post? I guess one time, at the top, is enough. We are not monkeys with short memory

  • You can change it if you want like this xD

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