New forum look - not good :(

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  • I see, forum look is gradually changing: animated gif's are gone and typo improved. If the curved dark bar in the thread post would disappear, the whole thing would look less cluttered.

  • I've changed the blue colour to the same one as the old forum uses, much less garish.

    I'm sorry if you don't like the look, give it a bit of time. Unfortunately when we make design changes there will always be people who prefer or it who don't prefer it, hard to make everyone happy!

    The unquestionable fact though is it's a lot faster, has a lot more features and is far more reliable (no more session timeout errors for making posts etc)

    I would suggest perhaps making the black color where the "by name >> Thu Feb 20..." a bit less... contrasty Perhaps a lighter gray, will help not making the dividers between posts stand out so much. Other than that it looks great.

  • I like this change much better than the old one and I'm sure it will be much better when everything is implemented.

  • I don't know how there's not a quick reply box! I just typed this through it. (Without changing pages)

    However, You just need to get used to it. It's way better and more functional. (Even the colors are great!)

    I don't know how you missed Tom's post "Forum Issues Thread - Please read!" .. You should wait few days or weeks till they get the website finished.

    Website development isn't "easy" like game development with C2

  • I like the old look, and the new one too, just topics list titles are less readable for me (but no big problem with messages' titles).

    Topic Title

    by xxxx» Thu Feb 20, 2014 8:10 pm <-- too dark, big, other ?

    New features are great! I hope we will can use subscriptions, bookmarks, etc.

    Good job Tom!

  • I agree that this currently looks kinda messy. This blue "border" around every post is unnecessary

    This is my suggestion:

    Smaller/less invasive buttons

    Smaller "header" on each post

  • I agree that this currently looks kinda messy. This blue "border" around every post is unnecessary

    This is my suggestion:

    Smaller/less invasive buttons

    Smaller "header" on each post

    I highly agree with this. First version of new forum looks was ok-ish, but now there are just too many coloured rectangles all over the place.

    I'm also slightly puzzled by complete absence of signatures.

  • I like it.

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  • There's not enough white space between topic titles - it's a way harder to scan them through and distinguish between each other. Solution: reduce font size of the topic titles or add more white space (padding) above and at the bottom.

  • Agree with feedback about post layout, will be changing it soon.

    Sigs are currently non-functional, will be fixing this soon. Please refer to stickied thread for status

  • I just dont understand why 20% of the page width is dedicated to our avatars...

  • Spam bots can post links again, I think anyone who posts a first post does.

    Might be worth looking into wheter or not bots can spam the shiznit out of the forums.

  • I really like the new optic:)

    There is one last issue for me. I always need to login twice, to get access to the Forum. Anyone Else got the same problems?

  • Yep. I keep getting logged out, then I log in, and it takes me to a login page where I need to login a second time. I've started just pressing the login button with no info inputted on the first one to just get to the second one.

  • If it's quicker and more functional, then cool.

    Actually, I searched for "log on", because there's an issue where you have to re-logon with every visit despite the browser saving the password plus clicking the auto-logon option. I notice that Arima seems to have a similar issue.

    Is this a temporary problem?

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