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  • Hi all,

    The new arcade beta is now available:

    To export with the arcade, you must use release 204.2 or later.

    Please note, for a short while (around a month) the old arcade will be accessible via:

    Old games will not be ported to the new arcade for a variety of reasons.


    • All third party plugins supported!
    • All game sizes supported, no max widths!
    • Games up to 50mb uncompressed supported
    • Attach capx files up to 50mb in size to games
    • Vastly improved page load times, around 50x faster than old arcade
    • Vastly improved stability
    • Game manager, easier process to upload and manage your games
    • Detailed stats for games, including play time, regions, etc etc, check em out I'm pretty excited for these <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">
    • Game cards/embedding is back, and working <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">
    • Controls for go widescreen/fullscreen etc
    • Favourite games
    • Report games easily and efficiently
    • Earn trophies for your games
    • Take and share game screenshots

    To do

    • Comments for games
    • Search games
    • T&C full write up
    • Help write up
    • Advanced features (leaderboards/achievements)
    • Additional game control for volume
    • Once it's got a few more features and has been battle tested, we'll launch a good ol' fashioned Scirra competition as well with flying monkeys galore
    • Publisher profile

    Known issues

    • Games using pathfind.js don't work at the moment
    • Games must be exported minified

    Please feel free to leave feedback, report bugs etc in this thread.

    Also, an apology. I know this has been long overdue! We've been going through a lot of changes recently and a lot has been going on behind the scenes. We should have some announcements about this soon which will be good news for everyone. I've been side tracked a little (a lot!) since I first mentioned an arcade redesign (the new store for example). This is also not the first iteration of the new arcade, previous attempts failed (privately!) So I'm pleased this version looks like it's going to hold it's own well.

  • It was about time. And, how nice I really hope this becomes big

  • w00t, first dibs on upload

    It works \ô/

    Are there still Scirra Arcade Highscores ?

  • Highscores coming. Appears to be a problem with your pathfind.js code on your game, we're aware and will look to fix this this week.

  • I will upload more

  • I uploaded a simple memory with a score board. Best Terms and Conditions I've ever read. Keep it simple yao

    • Well I see category but what about HID?! Hate loading up a game on my tablet just to see it demands a K&M.

    +Wide screen and fullscreen works great and you have some very robust statistics I can even see where people are in the world nice!

  • Tom: Asteroids has some issues it seems.

    There are reported errors in the browser's console in Chrome and FF.

    Firefox seems to report more errors (possibly still an issue with the webfonts loaded directly from Google's WebFont site) where Chrome does execute a bit more displaying the regular Text object in the project that will allow the player to input his name but the execution doesn't seem to go further than that.

  • The file extension .eot is not a permitted extension to upload.

    The file extension .ttf is not a permitted extension to upload.

    These were web font files, I removed them from the created zip file for Tanktonium.

  • Awesome! This is great news as I am close to graduation and would like to start developing games as soon as I can.

    On a side note, I do have a request:

    Could you add the option to display buttons that link to other platforms such as Android App Store, Apple iTunes, and/or Steam & Itch.IO?

    Essentially I'm looking for an option that would allow me to promote mobile versions of my games, and/or games for the desktop.

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  • ... layer-2-22

    In this game, for some reason a certain set of sprites are not showing (with animations).

    In the main menu the ranger related images, and in game the ranger and the skeletons.

  • EOT, TFF and WOFF will be added to permitted files tomorrow.

    Publisher profile page with links to FB/Twitter etc is added to to-do list.

    Will take a look at not working games as well.

  • mine is not working too but well, beta... posting just to follow the progress

    my game have pathfind and all sort of things that can go wrong, like the tittle screen resize effect is glitchy <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy"> A.K.A not working, but i liked the new layout of the arcade

    a request: can we have screen dimension choice similar to the gamejolt? we can just type the desired dimension and the first screen of our game displays it ... on=updated

  • Wonderful!!!!

    Lots of interesting features, I'll definitely need to throw some stuff online later on!

    Great job!

  • A couple of text errors:

    • "RPG Games" in the genre list down the side is redundant. It should read "Role-playing Games"
    • "Tutorial games" needs an upper-case G for Games, for consistency.
  • For some reason it seems that my games doesn't want to load at all ?? ... -mobile-28

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