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  • New Arcade starts to look really nice! All we need now is pre-rolled ads, and revenue share system ;P

  • shinkan +1

    Would be great to be able to make some bugs as it is on Gamejolt n friends!

  • The ScirraArcade twitter:

    Will now Tweet when:

    • A new game is uploaded
    • A game is updated (max once per 24h)
    • A game wins a trophy

    Just some extra promotion for peoples games

  • DatapawWolf Just uploading a new setting now to let you disable embedding for games. After uploading, click edit game and disable from there. Disabling embedding might take up to 10 minutes to take effect due to caching. Everyone is allowed to disable embedding.

  • Tom nice, quick work, thank you. : )

  • Tom


    Uploaded 2 games to the new arcade but when trying I just get black screen and the game does not load

    Any ideas

  • Quick question: If you upload a game to the arcade will people be able to download the capx or can you do so that no one can do it?

    (maybe it is obvious that I have never uploaded)

  • helena you have the option to ad a capx

  • I re-added my space shooter (Capt. J. Doe Saves the Universe) under shooters. It is showing a white screen to me but the music is working and controls seem to be working based on sound feedback when pressed. It also looks like people have been accessing it but not sure if its working for others or not since comment ability doesn't appear to be added yet.

    I have put the same exported file (yes exported with latest build) into my dropbox and ran the index from my browser and it works perfectly... /bangs head.

    I get the following console message in Chrome that makes it look browser related.. but both Firefox and IE also have white screen:

    [quote:xdmq39fk]The Content-Security-Policy directive 'upgrade-insecure-requests' is implemented behind a flag which is currently disabled.

    captjdoesavestheuniverse-69:1 Adding master entry to Application Cache with manifest

    c2runtime.js:313 dopplerFactor is deprecated and will be removed in M45 when all doppler effects are removed

    c2runtime.js:96 Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: The document is sandboxed and lacks the 'allow-orientation-lock' flag.

    c2runtime.js:96 Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: The document is sandboxed and lacks the 'allow-orientation-lock' flag.

    17c2runtime.js:273 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'toLowerCase' of undefined


  • The game I uploaded yesterday has come out really small on the screen. I don't know where to fix that, like, if it will be an option on the arcade or it's an option within Construct 2 itself or what.

  • Just a text bug

    I'm on the Space blaster game page, and on the stats there's this:

    url: ... sp=sharing

    and the "about" in that text sometimes conflicts with "about an hour ago" and "less than a minute ago", resulting in the text "happened about less than a minute ago", etc. Not sure if there are any more conflicts like that.

  • Another text bug.

    On the game trophies page, the achievement "Over 1 month play time" 's criteria is "Game has been played for over 24 hours total and has at least 10,000 unique players".

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  • allow-orientation-lock has been fixed for latest upload

    Games showing too small has now also been fixed.

    Text bug has been fixed.

    Links in games now work

    RE: Broken games

    If you upload a game, please first ensure it was actually in r204.2 (not r204). If it was, and still doesn't work please email support with the CapX (so we can test it), and a link to the broken game on the arcade and we'll look at fixing this for the next C2 release.

  • I rebuilt mine via r204.2 and added it to arcade again. Still broken with white screen.

    I have a silly question though... how do we contact support to email our .capx and link. I have looked all over this site and can find no support links.. (but I am tired which may be why).

  • Hi,

    Email it to tom at scirra dot com, but please be aware that once we find the problem it wont be fixed until the next Construct 2 release. In the meantime, exporting it without minifying often solves the issue.


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