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  • Hello Tom

    I have some games on Play Store and I would love to upload them to the Scirra Arcade, just a quick question:

    1. Are you planing in adding an option to disable the full screen option?

    Right now there is 3 options: "Back to default size", "Go wide screen!" and "Go full screen!" which is pretty cool but a few games are designed exclusively for "Portrait" mode. Using "Go full screen!" on them make them unplayable.


  • Tom Thanks for the reply, I've noticed the browser open new tab event doesn't seem to be working on the arcade, but I links from iframes are working. Is that specifically blocked? It's the best way to link back to my site.

  • hey got this error, to the arcade when i was trying to share a game screenshot today, and my tweet account wasn't linked to the arcade application, so it asked me for the permission to tweet through the platform, once i did that it should redirect me back to the screenshot tweet page where you insert the tweet message and then post it but instead of that i got this error Click To View

    but after i closed the error page and tried again it worked, so this is a error for the non-authorized tweet accounts, that are 1st giving rights for the arcade to use the tweeter post and then callback to the preview's page, not sure if makes sense... im kinda a bad at explaining ... hope you can understand

  • Hi Tom

    I play mostly on a Nexus 7 tablet or an iPad,

    The problems I am experiencing are

    1. The game is constantly pausing itself to 'refocus', I mean over and over. I set that to No in the Project properties but it is obviously being overridden.

    2. I use drag and drop a lot and sometime the screen moves all over the place when touched,

    this problem is especially bad on the slide bar when the player doesn't touch the tiny slidebar 'thingy',

    the entire screen moves with the finger.

    ( and when I press full screen and nothing happens)

    3. A few days ago, I had a problem uploading a game with SprintFonts (even when using https:) it loaded but only a white or black screen appeared. Ended up changing the entire game to regular sprites and it works.

    < EDIT > this next part solved - kind of

    4. Not only the Arcade but iPad and iPhones have a serious problem with sounds on browser games. I can preload sounds on an Android but when I try to load the exact same game on an iPad it either never loads or maybe after an eternity it finally plays. Is this a C2 issue or an iOS issue? I remember a while back loading a game I made with GameMaker ( and lots of sound files) into HTML5 and I don't recall an issue.

  • : 4. The problem is a bug with Safari itself. It's reported and being worked on by Apple:

    The workaround is to delete the offline.appcache file and its reference in the HTML file, but that in turn breaks offline support. So there's not a way to have audio support and offline support until Apple fix the bug.

  • Kyatric

    but I use Chrome, even in iOs. I seldom use Safari

    but non the less I will try.

  • : Chrome in iOS is not chrome but actually based/using the engine of safari. Welcome to the apple-owns-you world.

  • [quote:3kbd86jj] Welcome to the apple-owns-you world.

    add that to just another reason I don't really care for Apple ( they are )

  • [quote:23uy50cb]The workaround is to delete the offline.appcache file


    Finally a work around that works for iOS and sound !!

    Thanks so much !

    Now hopefully Tom can fix those other issues.

  • Hi Tom

    When I tried to update by game in the Arcade, I had a problem ( I narrowed it down after an hour of debugging)

    that is was with a Sprite1 on Collision with Sprite2.

    (there was no similar event in the game)

    It played fine in dropbox but I just got a white screen in the Arcade.


    Anyway thought you should know.

  • Why can't I see my game ? Tried to upload an updated version (my old one was on the old arcade) and can't see it... Tried on lots of browsers and computers... ... -craft-245 upload lots of versions with different screen sizes but doesn't work.

    Can someone help me or tell me what the hell is happening ? Thanks!

  • Why can't I see my game ? Tried to upload an updated version (my old one was on the old arcade) and can't see it... Tried on lots of browsers and computers... ... -craft-245 upload lots of versions with different screen sizes but doesn't work.

    Can someone help me or tell me what the hell is happening ? Thanks!

    the new version is going to be updated in around a few hrs after you upload your new capx, had the same issue, with Frenzy Fish Game Template that's why i kinda posted same game with different title, they where different stages, tried to upload the new version on the old one, but wasn't instantly updating the game in arcade, since its beta has some processing issues, i guess we will have to wait and have a bit of patience till Tom solves the arcade in future! cheers hope it answered your questions!

  • So here's a little bug I came upon when uploading my game Five Nights With a Cow. So I made two versions: A version for PC and a version for mobile. When I uploaded the mobile version the game ran fine. But when I uploaded the PC version to the Scirra Arcade... is when things got wrong. The game was big, which I knew, so I thought the game might just lag like how it did when I tested it on Construct 2, but the game on the Scirra Arcade just lead me to a white screen! The game had the same code as the mobile version except that the mobile version was shortened in size and made to work for touch screens (this includes computers) but no matter how much I downgrade FNWaC, I always end up with a flashing white screen. The game (on Construct 2) starts up on the menu. But on the Arcade, it just ends up with what I said earlier: a white screen.

    Now I got a .capx file of the game which can be found here: []

    The capx will work. I've tested it multiple times and I was able to beat my game. However it has 99 events, which means I can't upgrade it anymore, so I'm stuck. Some one let me know a way to get my game to work on the Scirra Arcade. If you do, I'll let you on a little secret

    Note that this .capx file was made in version 206. So yeah.

    Please, someone help me!

  • can you email me a copy of your capx so I can run some tests?

    also can you email me your capx?

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