Forum Issues Thread - Please read!

  • At listings of posts and topics, e.g. mine, you can see escaped HTML code instead of parsed post text or BB code. Not a high-priority problem, but should probably be fixed. It looks strange.

  • Remember login still isn't working for me either. You had it listed as FIXED? I figured the question mark meant you wanted to know if it was or not .

  • Logs me out consistently. Same computer, same browser, keep me logged in checked.

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  • Still getting logged out also.

  • Logs me out consistently. Same computer, same browser, keep me logged in checked.

    good to read this thread ... I was wondering about this logging issue. Now I know I'm not alone

  • The way it's going i don't think it will ever be fixed.

  • Ethan Why not ?!? It is my impression that the C2 team is always willing to help and to improve things if possible ...

  • I don't think Tom knows how to fix it.

  • I don't think Tom knows how to fix it.

    briangame - I thougt my name was braingame.

    By the way - since I've seen this remarkable cult film the name Brian always immediately reminds me of Monty Python's "Life Of Brian"

    Back to the topic: perphaps Tom has more important things to do !?

  • Ethan

    That's rather impolite. On what evidence do you use to come to such a conclusion?

    Making such unsubstantiated claims is just bad.

  • Just because someone doesn't know how to fix something at the present time doesn't mean they will never manage to figure it out. That is a extremely common situation with software development. I can't tell you how many bugs my games have had that I've had no idea how to fix, but eventually found a way to fix anyway.

  • 1. I am also being consistently logged out after just a few minutes of inactivity.

    2. On the forum pages listing the various thread topics, the column titles 'views' and 'last post' are swapped!

  • A little frustrated maybe, not trying to be impolite, just an impression i get from what Tom's already said about it being tricky to fix and having thought he'd already done it a number of times. I don't think i'm being unduly impatient. It has been almost 2 months, although i understand he probably hasn't been working on the problem exclusively, you'd think it would be a higher priority by now.

  • I can live with this little bug. I think it's more important to see the improvements in the C2 versions.

  • Tom works on the website, Ashley develops C2. But you're right they probably have more important things to do.

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