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  • Hello!

    New forum is up. It was a big job, and there will be niggling issues which I will work hard to fix over the coming days.

    Please report all problems with the new forum in this thread. I'll maintain a list of known issues in this post. Please report new issues in this thread.

      • Make images scale if too large
      • Youtube embedding
      • EventML
      • URL ban list (adfly)
      • Allow urls pointing to domain
      • Formatting on old posts is broken (eg, quotes)
      • Font size button non functional
      • Don't stay logged in Fixed
      • Login from multiple ips and stay logged in Fixed
      • PM pages need styling Fixed
      • Quick reply looks ugly Fixed
      • Newest member doesn't seem to show on forum stats Fixed
      • Forum stats page Fixed
      • Show badge counts under avatars Fixed
      • Forum looks funky when resizing window Fixed
      • Adjust font sizes and spacing Fixed
      • Indicate banned user on avatar in forum Fixed
      • Posts from forums without permissions showing in profiles 'recently posted' Fixed
      • Mark forums as read not working Fixed
      • Bookmark topic link broken Fixed
      • Highlight references to logged in user Fixed
      • ip ban (mods) Fixed
      • Improve reference function to allow for shortened/incorrect spelt names Fixed
      • Alert reply for user x for topics with 3 posts, where 1'st & 3rd post are from OP, and 2nd post is from user x Fixed
      • Remove rep limits for badge holders Fixed
      • Auto redirect after action Fixed
      • SEO optimised URLS Fixed
      • Canonical URLS in meta Fixed
      • Signatures not working Fixed
      • Edited post .notice class hidden Fixed
      • Format edit post notice Fixed
      • Port PM's from old forum Fixed
      • Bug forum template Fixed
      • How do I forum template (maybe just in title) Fixed
      • Nuking users doesn't get rid of post reports Fixed
      • Announcement posts not formatted correctly in topic view Fixed
      • Reorganise forums Fixed
      • Login pages on viewtopic.php need redirecting Fixed
      • Attachments Fixed, Capx's can be uploaded in any forum
      • Add user nuke functions (mods) Fixed
      • Fix URL removing notices Fixed
      • Fix how do I FAQ 404's Fixed
      • Username titles (and for company reps) Fixed
      • Link to last posted thread on board index Fixed
      • Set forum timezone Available in User Control Panel link in forum header
      • Reply to own thread gives site notification Fixed
      • Comma separate numbers for views/replies in topic views Fixed
      • Tiny avatars next to last posted Fixed
      • Limitations to use PM feature if not enough rep Fixed
      • PM limit increased to 1000 Fixed
      • Limitations on users to post hyperlinks if not enough rep Fixed
      • Auto expand quick reply Fixed
      • Modify post style to make it less 'heavy' Fixed
      • Gravatars need to point to https:// not http:// Fixed
      • Email notifications not being despatched Fixed
      • Name drop down doesn't wrap correctly at top of page Fixed
      • Gravatar inconsistency Fixed
      • Alerts for replies/nvb@references Fixed, also now called when your quoted
      • Gravatars don't work Fixed
      • Profile medals don't show Fixed
      • Footer links out of date Fixed
      • Quick reply box Fixed
      • Title is wrong ( Fixed
      • Topic icons need updating Fixed
      • PMs don't work Fixed (let me know if any issues here)
      • Google links now broken Fixed, all bookmarks to old topics now redirect
      • Search Fixed

    It's nearly 10pm here, got to go home now! But I will get these issues fixed ASAP.

    • can't open inbox says: You are not authorised to read private messages.

    edit: aah, you updated your post at the same time I've posted mine

    • there is no information, when someone updates his/her post (dunno if it counts as a bug)

    edit once more:- óÒ fixed, that was fast, keep up the good work : )

  • It's lookin' good! Thanks for all the work, Tom!

    Aside from what you've mentioned:

    • the font size button doesn't remember the setting and has to be reset on every page
    • on my ipad, the forum doesn't take up the whole screen - there's a white vertical stripe on the right side of the screen
    • I think the content column (with the avatars and post text) should be wider. It seems a bit narrow.
  • Not an issue, but please add "Mark all read" it was very useful.

    Post preview is awesome

    Edit: "New posts (16)" - keep adding up even if I visited all of that posts. should it subtract each visited one?

  • Looking good Tom, really appreciate it.

  • Logging in (with Chrome beta) took a good while!

    Also had to press submit twice for some reason.

  • It's looking absolutely great! Any updates on the Arcade?

  • I'm not finding any way to get to a user's profile other than typing the address manually.

  • I like the changes. It doesn't look too good for now, but I think the changes will be worth it. Good work and keep it up!

  • edit once more:- óÒ fixed, that was fast, keep up the good work : )

    acelnószz haha it's finally working

  • Ooh.. wheee ... all new forum..

    For those who can't login.. Try the link at the bottom of page that says, "Delete all board cookies" .. it seems to help.

  • At the bottom of the site it shows that r100 is the latest beta and rstable is the latest stable release... also links to existing threads no longer work.

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  • The Profiles are listing every version of a game ever uploaded, with only the first having an icon.

    It seems to highlight some of the counter difficulties you have to deal with, in that each update has it's own count. The game card "Share" graphics appear to only use the count of the original upload.

    Ah, I like the Ninja protection. It warned me BluePhaze had posted and asked if I wanted to revise.

  • Also, I don't know if it's possible, but two things I liked about the old forum were:

    • being able to click on the 'x new posts' to go immediately to the newest post (Edit: nm, there is a link, it's just so small I didn't notice it)
    • having the posts in the new posts section be sorted by forum (the way it's set up now I have to check each thread for if it's in the right forum area, rather than knowing that all threads in a section are in that current forum area)

    Being able to set all threads to 'read' status would be helpful as well. (Edit: oh, you can, but the link is only on the board index. It seems like it should also be on the pages showing the unread topics and new posts)

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