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  • I understand it is part of the forum but the post called "[How do I] Frequently asked questions" posted by Kyatric references pages that no longer work. And this seems to be one of the most usefull posts on there.. Where else am i going to find examples of how to store variables in a save game like fashion with Json?

    Good work on keeping the site, forum and program updating men. You are doing an awesome job..

  • Fixed, how do I post recovered and stickied

  • Fixed, how do I post recovered and stickied

    The links inside the posts were broken

    You need to set the right URL format.

    something like:

    h ttps://

    Current links system works with paramters like:

    ht tps:// ... 8&p=739699

    With the paramters.

    EDIT: the links work now

  • Consecutive days posted shows 1 day for me ... had quite a few in a row I think.

    If unable to sum all play counts for the arcade games on the profile, is it possible to at least show the counter from the latest revision ?

  • It keeps logging me out. I used to love that I was always logged in. Look around, etc.

    Do I need to clear my cache?

    *Lol, also just noticed that my Gravitar is still showing a different image than the one on my profile.

    What's up with that?

  • Threads no longer spot a different icon if you've posted in them. They did just earlier today. The question's "why?".

  • *Lol, also just noticed that my Gravitar is still showing a different image than the one on my profile.

    What's up with that?

    You might have multiple avatars uploaded for different sizes - I recall you can do that with gravatar.

  • Love the new style and colours, very classy!

    Only one small question, will signatures/footers be enabled for small banners again?

  • I have no messages? Either the website deleted all of my messages or PM's are still broken.

  • I am still having this Creepy avatar.But my Gavatar is something else

  • Hi. Keep me logged in does not work in Chrome either. I checked it a few times but I am logged out the next visit/day.

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  • Another to add to the list, the Template post for the Bug forum isn't there yet either.

  • I just found something minor but worth mentioning. Tooltips for Construct 2 license badges in forum posts display a wrong username. They always display Arima for Early Adopter badges and thejbos for regular ones.

  • I think there is an issue with posting at the same time as someone else. I posted an answer on this thread , but lennaert must have posted at the same time, as even though the post went through, his showed up but mine did not. There is no record in my 'View your posts' either.

  • Please fix the breadcrumb line at the top of the page, its a real pain having to go back to the main forum.

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