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  • Ashley

    can you back the old forum theme ?

    we are not fan of the new one :(

    thank you

  • I'm not a fun of the new design either, hope it will get improved or customization options will be added.

    But the design doesn't bother me as much as the fact that lots of old posts are now unreadable. Thousands of code examples, links to projects and different resources, tutorials, screenshots - tons of very useful information collected over almost 10 years - all this is now lost??!

  • * This is obviously a Website issue, so moved to correct location.

    FYI It's Tom who is mainly responsible for the website(s), Store, Arcade etc.

  • I like the new theme, but something about it feels slightly wrong, maybe it's the color choices? or an issue about clarity? or the colors are too busy? I'm not sure.

  • Most forums offer a choice of a few different themes for a user to select from, so hopefully something similar can be implemented in the foreseeable future.

    It is still very much, a work in progress I expect.

  • Highly unlikely I'll be adding in an alternative theme, but I will work on improving all the layout and CSS. I'm hearing a lot about how the colours are horrendous, (I think they look good!) but might get Paulo to take a look.

  • The light blue/turquoise highlights are like lightsabers to my eyes

  • Dark and low-contrast themes are easy on the eyes... Which is why they are so popular in text editors. The new forum theme is, well, the opposite.

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  • yes dark color are easy on eye

    for exemple

    the old green color on the old forum is darker and BETTER than the new green / blue light color

  • This forum sucks bad time. Horrible look, bad import from old forum, no links shown, no search..

    No former profile picture, no signature

  • Signatures aren't coming back, sorry. Everything else is being worked on.

    You can change your avatar here:


  • Signatures aren't coming back, sorry.

    Tom, is this because you don't want people to advertise their games/websites in signatures? Or the new forum engine simply doesn't have this feature?

  • It's because it's generally poor quality and intrusive content.

    Games/websites can be advertised elsewhere (we have forums to show your games/WiP's for example).

    New arcade will probably have more promotional features as well.

    If there's strong demand for signatures to come back I'm not 100% against it but I don't think there is.

  • Tom forum looks bad, there are no links to correct pages and texts, everything flows and why do I see this green color everywhere? It would be useful to personalize the selection of the colors of the stripes.

    Have not changed the utf-8 encoding? for something else, because pages with my friends from abroad were falling apart.

  • It'll all be addressed be a bit more patient

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