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  • Guys, I love the new clean layout, and yes I see there are few issues with formatting and links and searching. Im sure you will sort out.

    I know it has been mentioned a few times but the colour scheme is making me feel very uncomfortable being in the forum.

    I dont profess to know much about making colours work together

    ...(in fact last year I was pulled up at work in the middle of a presentation , not for the technical content of the presentation but for the colours I had used in the spread sheet on the screen) ....

    but this red and green is literally making me feel sick. I think it is mainly all the red. But I feel like I need to get the hell ouda here quick before my brain explodes.

    ps: I was messing around with HSV on the red . and found that your corporate green colour isnt the easiest to find something to match with. I can see why you went with the red but it only works for a few minutes before it becomes very disturbing. (for me)

    Also the main body text is a appears a bit thin, again it looks kinda cool but is very tiresome to read after a few minutes even on big screens.

    Sorry , I love you guys, but I have to say it.

  • Where is the link to go to the newest unread post in a thread? (not the latest)

  • Bump. I believe the "light sabers to my eyes" comment was the most accurate.

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  • I'm actually running a dark version of the forum at the moment, if anyone's interested in it I'll have a crack at refactoring it for public use and whack it up on a local style plugin or something.


  • Eh. I kinda like the overall style of the new website. Everything is fine to me. The colors look really nice. Also I don't think a dark theme for a forum would work well. Just an opinion though.

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