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  • Working on a new asset for the Scirra store? Post screenshots/previews here to build interest and get valuable feedback from potential customers!

  • Nice Tom, this thread will help a lot.

  • Great idea , i will support it , as you guys supported me.

  • Soo, let me be the first!

    Based on the good feedback of my Space Interface, which you can find in the store, I´m currently working on an isometric space level kit.

    Everything will be based on exported PNG´s, soo that you can easily build levels in the engine of your choice itself.

    Any suggestions, questions, complains etc. are more than welcome.

    Keep it beaverlicious!

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  • Beaverlicious Looking nice.

    I am creating Creatures/monsters right now ready with Spriter template,, so they all can be bundled up together.

    Then I will be creating buildings for platformers and isomeric maps.

    I will go back to more platformers and isometric maps once I am done with these.

    Already few of them are uploaded on scirra store, I am working on more right now.

  • I'm doing some graphics for particles.

    If anyone has a specific 2d type they want added please let me know.

  • New Characters, all HD size with spriter template. If anyone has any suggestions, feedback, please let me know.

  • Here's an isometric pack I'm working on. If anyone is interested let me know what else you would like to see on it.

  • Great to see what people have in the works!

  • first Tile Maps for Side scrolling Platformer Maps, will be up on store soon.

  • Save and read txt on a web storage.

    Usage for high score board from separate / other location users that play the same game.

    Is someone interested?

    Is someone working on it already?

  • Michaelb

    would love to see a plugin or script for that.

  • Working on it as we speak

  • New Tiles Pack Ready presents

    Tiles Pack 2 for platformer games

    Pack 1 will also be updated with total 60 shapes soon.

    Every new pack will have new shapes added + price will increase.

    Support us by buying our Tile Packs now and get free updates at the current price in future. You will not have to pay extra for new shapes.

  • Completed Two new bundles today for the Diwali till Halloween festival Offer

    Halloween Pack (50 % off till Halloween for all our creatures pack and new Assets. Creatures Pack will soon have animation added with spriter templates).


    Famekrafts Complete Pack Bundle 2 (50 % off till Halloween. Creatures Pack will soon have animation added with spriter templates).


    For those who have already bought the Complete Pack Bundle 1, they can have a look at the Halloween Bundle for new assets

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