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  • I'm planning on having the engine for sale on the store, so any user can just swipe sprites and teak values to have their own beat'em up/platformer

  • Hey people before i talk about my thing, want to congratulate everybody for their assets and templates they work/finished working on.

    Now all that being said, I'm doing a Time Management Game Template - its a template that offers you the possibility to create games similar to Adventure Capitalist. I know it is a rough look, unfortunately i don't have enough time to create the graphics for it so i will just create simple rectangle shapes to it, and use some of the free bundle pack scirra offers to download, i will try keep the free bundle usage as low as possible, so you can see the work in progress in the pictures attached.

    **The Template will feature :**

    _* 13 empty spaces for avatar's you may add later so when the player's are creating their profile they will see a image and their name under it, in additional when they will click their profile icon will get stats about how many achievements they unlocked what is their global rank if you host the game on a server, and what is their lifetime earnings and also how much money they do on minute *;

    -* All 13 generating revenue has a time bar that shows when the reward will be given, different items have different time reward, (the job will be completed in an amount of time for each item and automatic upgrades will be involved, along with achievements that will alter the time reward, based on how many purchases of the same type item player has);

    -* Greeting system for when the player will come back and the game is successfull loaded*;

    -* Explained event sheet so people that buy's it knows what does every event and sub-event*;

    -* 13 purchasable items that offers in game cash, with 5 different stages to unlock achievements and improve the items reward rate after you purchase several of them*;

    -* 13 managers that will allow the revenue generating items to run in idle mode (without you having to click on them*;

    -* 5 extra purchasable that offers you different bonuses (e.g. no more taxes at end of year )*;

    -* Info on text hover icons(available for the windows version or mouse input platform's*;

    -* Toggle icons functionality and sliding animated menu (for the page where players can purchase upgrades and check achievements)*;

    -* Save to local button( i think i will change it or add the events in the game if people will want to save the game on a server and enable the offline idle mode -that will help generate income while players are sleeping or not playing the game)*;

    -**More will be posted**.

    Hope you guys will find it interesting! will be available in Scirra store in 2 days i think depends on how fast and hard i am working on it!


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  • Looks great man real complex!

  • Looks great man real complex!

    thanks , even though i released it on scirra store, i still need to work further to it and update as many things possible so users can just change graphics prices and export games the rest its good in my opinion, if u have some knowledge of c2 usage its a good template ... now depends on what people expects.

    im working now on a pool template maybe multiplayer support also

  • Well... you honestly always need good C2 knowledge to use a template

  • Well... you honestly always need good C2 knowledge to use a template

    True to that ...

    well about the template only has around 823 events the one is released in store, but i just added 500 more events

  • [attachment=0:23apynuj][/attachment:23apynuj]

    2D/3D pool balls set pack avaible soon in Store

    Contains :

      -PSD High Rez,
      • 31 frames each ball,
      -1 stripe sheet for each ball, all in png format. -Capx with objects loaded for you to only add your events and create a pool game. -Cinema4d project if you want to change the graphics and render new ones
  • Currently working on a tower defense template game Coming soon!

  • Working on a platformer pack.

  • Really unique artstyle


  • Hello, new user here! I'm looking to contribute to the market, but I'm not sure what image size works best. If all my assets are 32 bit PNG and 256x256, will that be alright or do game developers prefer multiple sizes? Thanks for the help!

  • Really unique artstyle


    Thanks, the generic style sold more so I'll have to go back to that lol.

  • Hi Guys we are back with lots and lots of new game packs and assets

    Just uploaded an amulet and totem pack on store, will soon upload more

  • work in progress, some nice light effects to combine with other assets or use as is,

    hope to get it online as soon as possible

  • New RPG map presents

    2D RPG Map 1 : Hill side

    Created in vector.

    Use it for 2D RPG /PVP / ARENA style games.

    HD png file : 2048 x 1536 pixels

    30 Map assets, provided separately as sprite sheets

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